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Just seen The Story of only Fools and Horses on t.v.Does any one else not find fools and horses funny.Stupidity and Slapstick never found amusing.


  • Timeless comedy. Watched a few of Blackadder recently, first time in ages, forgot how good it is.
  • Had a proper belly laugh at some of the one liners as we watched a few old episodes on Monday night. I miss it.
  • Iconic TV moments (Chandelier smashing, Del falling through bar to name a couple) can watch any episode and laugh still even though I must have seen them all 5x over!

    Watched some Open All Hours the other day which is brilliant along with Porridge! All timeless.
  • Grandad trying to get BBC2 on the microwave. :smiley:
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  • Trigger and his broom
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    Derek1952 said:

    Just seen The Story of only Fools and Horses on t.v.Does any one else not find fools and horses funny.Stupidity and Slapstick never found amusing.

    Yes, someone else does not like it, I have met one other person in my entire life (and I have met a lot of people) who didn't like it.

    I don't get your reference to slapstick, apart from a couple of brilliantly staged memorable moments? I don't recall much custard pie throwing, buckets of confetti or slipping on banana skins? And the root of most comedy is in stupidity, surely?
  • Greatest show ever. The combination of script writing and casting is second to none, with even upsetting subjects getting a laugh. I have the box set but still always watch when on tv.
  • It's a Bic.
  • Play it cool Trig, play it cool.
  • slapstick ? More like genius timing and 1 liners that will be remebered for a long time ! One of the best things ever to grace TV. Heartwarming charachters and proper belly laughs... plus a few tears along the way too.
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    Grandad trying to get BBC2 on the microwave. :smiley:

    "I didn't ask much of ya did i. All i asked you to do was put the tub of neapolitan ice cream in the freezer, and the box of wine in the fridge.... But no, you get that ass about face dont ya. So come tea time all I could offer her was a bowl of gunge and a Beaujolais ice lolly". :smiley:
  • Some of the funniest ever TV comedy moments are on OFAH - classic British comedy but I can't imagine it would go down well abroad - for a start how would you translate 'luvley jubbly' or 'plonker'?

    Brilliant acting as well.

    But for me Blackadder 2, 3 and 4 beat it.
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  • It's a classic no doubt.......but they did drag it out for far too long.

  • New series of Curb Your Enthusiasm in October. Really looking forward to that.
  • The facial expressions, the witty retorts, Del boys complete lack of self-awareness, the unspoken stuff like Del always touching up Marlene in front of Boycie, the stitch ups, piss-taking relentlessly and some incredibly touching moments.

    What does aggravate me is the constant mentioning of Del falling through the bar and bits like that when there was so much more to it that made it funny

  • Only Fools and Horses will never be topped. Genius storytelling and the characters were absolutely brilliant. Not many sitcoms are that good where you genuinely feel as though you know and care about the people involved.
  • The Christmas specials of OFAH were a bit tedious and drawn out, two one hour shows and the best parts you had seen in October on the BBC trailers.

    Other than that an excellent sitcom.
  • Should have ended with the watch. Up to that point, it was consistently the funniest thing ever screened on British TV.

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    Watched this the other night, despite not being a Ben Elton fan (politics) and him looking remarkably like Tony B-Liar nowadays.

    It was interesting and made some good points about sit-coms. Put my foot through the TV whenever Miranda was mentioned but... that proved his basic premise I guess.
  • I also watched the Ronnie-Barker-Comedy-Lecture.
    Very disappointed, was mainly Elton spouting on about
    his own shows not much about Ronnie Barker at all.
    Should have realised can't stand the narsisestic Elton at all.
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