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Assistance planning a visit to the Valley

Flying back to the UK for a two week 'holiday' in a couple of weeks. Landing at Gatwick at 10:00 am on September 9 and (assuming we clear customs etc. in time) planning to grab the hire car and high-tail it up to SE7 for the Southend game. Any tips on the best route to come into the City from Gatwick? M25 - A2 is probably the way that I am least likely to get lost, but what's the traffic like on a Saturday? I haven't had to drive into Charlton from the south for years.

Also, I'll have the Missus and 2 year old daughter in tow. Much as I'd love to continue the young 'uns indoctrination, I don't think there's a chance she'll sit even remotely still for 90 minutes off the back of a 8.5 hour flight so does anyone have suggestions for toddler friendly activities near the Valley that would kill a couple of hours and maybe allow her to let off a bit of steam, other than the obvious trip to Greenwich park to feed the ducks and see the deer (do they still have the deer?)?

Any advice gratefully received. Cheers in advance.


  • M25 A2 your most straight bet. Traffic should be fine unless there is a problem with the Blackwall, or West Ham are at home same time.

    As for things to do for the little un, maybe bus down to the O2, little explore round there, do the cable car over the river etc. However nothing beats Greenwich park! Deer still there. Maritime museum is free and has loads of play and interactive stuff for kids

    Enjoy your trip
  • I would also recommend M25/A2 route. West ham/blackwall rarely a problem as you can even come off early at sun in the sands roundabout if really bad ( hasn't been that bad for about 3 years). Always a good idea to check M25 on google or something but should be alright going east on a saturday.
  • Ps. If looking for things to do with little in whilst over, is a good starting point
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