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We've got our charlton back


  • Same old Saturday same old Charlton and all from corners again.
  • Are the protests back on for next Saturday
  • Relegated by Easter
  • One defeat chaps
  • As must people said. Was a stupid thing for Karl to say. Now he must feel like a right c***k.
  • Hold on a minute, Plymouth have "just come up" are "there for the taking" got "hammered in the week and will be a walk over"

  • One defeat chaps

    Agreed , how many wins was it ?
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  • edited August 2017
    The usual bedwetters worried. Don't panic!
  • Still need a decent striker and a better keeper IMHO.
  • edited August 2017
    We ought to give Phillips a go - Striking situation is ridiculous in all honesty. Solution isn't in Stevenage either!
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