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Valley Memorial Garden


Something I didn't know about - some of you may know, others may not

Anyway, yesterday we went to the Valley and we were allowed into the West Stand to take photos of my Dad's seat - as you know he passed away this week

I cannot fault the Club for how they helped my family during his illness and yesterday we were immediately taken through to do what we wanted to do

We also met the Club Chaplin, who is a top guy

If you didn't know, the Valley has a memorial garden and you can scatter ashes there, with the Chaplin holding a small service etc

I had no knowledge of this, and want to publicise it so that we all know

Dad's Will states that he wants his ashes scattered at the Valley - he will get his wish

Below is photo we took of his paving stone (my wife, my children and I have a seperate one)

The photos of his seat is on our camera and I haven't uploaded them yet

3264 x 2448 - 3M


  • stonemuse said:

    Well done to those at CAFC that supported you and your family.

    Yes, well done
  • That's nice to hear, something very supportive of the club and this sort of thing generally goes under the radar.
  • Nice to hear of this, I knew the garden still existed as pointed it out to my wife after the Bristol Rovers game last Saturday.

    When I'm old and gone I too want my ashes placed there.

    Quite a morbid thought seeing I'm only 34 in two months
  • The shirt on paving stone pic is a great idea for a memory.
    Alas, my day will come eventually and I will ask for the same to be done.
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