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Charlton in the Championship

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According to a BBC investigation, we were spending beyond our means last year chasing Premiership glory whilst in the Championship:

720 x 1280 - 166K


  • Middlesbrough were in the Prem last season.
  • The BBC coverage of lower leagues really is piss poor. Every other article about us has dreadful mistakes.
  • Bring back Harriotts
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    Since they moved TV out of London to that shyte hole Salford (which they continue to big up and promote like there's no tomorrow), they have gone right down the pan.
    Walked away from the worlds greatest city to a god forsaken dump on the outskirts of Manchester.....who honestly gives a fuck about the place!
    Jesus Christ, before they moved there most people had never even heard of it, let alone know where it is.
    It's utterly pathetic and tragic that they left their god given roots and historical association with London which was acknowledged and respected the world over.....they are a mere shadow of the once proud organisation we knew and loved.
  • Bring back Harriotts

    And get Damien Matthews back on the coaching team.

    Get Ventokele back in to get the best out of Watts as well.
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    OK, I know I'll regret this but the BBC moving to Manchester shows why muppets in Paris who think they are going to take the City's financial business and transplant it across the channel are in for a rude awakening. These are people industries and you need a local EXPERIENCED talent pool to keep them going. Move away from that talent pool and if you are a large user of talent then things start to work not quite so well and the replacements you need in the natural order of things just aren't there. Want an expert in Manchester to give you an 'informed' sound bite or two on a news programme and they roll out somebody from the local area judging by the accents. Need an expert in London to give you an informed opinion and you are spoilt for choice including regional and international accents but usually and more importantly by somebody that can pronounce words correctly.
  • How can QPR be at the bottom of this list given the massive ongoing waste of Tony Fernandez's millions at that club?
  • For 5 months of 2016 we were in the Championship. Same with Boro
  • IA said:

    BBC post a graphic that says "2016" when it should probably say "2015-16"

    7 posts in and we've moved on to criticising Manchester, Northern accents and Paris' potential as a global financial hub.

    CharltonLife outdoing itself

    RanTooFar started it down that path in the very first post by linking the BBC with football. After that the thread was only going to be total bollox.
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  • Did the bbc report blame brexit?
  • 'chasing Premiership glory' - I don't think so. Employing and endless succession of incompetents most of whom had to be paid off whilst newer more incompetent people filled their roles. And all the time the biggest incompetent of all was lording it up in a job she was hopelessly unsuited to as some sort of vanity-internship because her father is a friend of the owner.
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    Did the bbc report blame brexit?

    Yes and no. Apparently EFL teams can compete financially with Europe and those teams that don't take part in UEFA competitions but it doesn't comment on what will happen after Brexit. Typical BBC sitting on the fence, wouldn't have happened if they'd stayed in London.
  • How can QPR be at the bottom of this list given the massive ongoing waste of Tony Fernandez's millions at that club?

    Wasn't it a case of cooked books writing off a loan.
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