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Fosu - Who is responsible for signing this lad?



  • Blooming good decision by KR to play him in the Checkatrade Cup game against Portsmouth. Why risk one of our key players in a nonsense match?
  • The deal has already been done to sell him in January, all this talk of an injury is to stop him playing and risk getting injured.
  • Marshall and Reeves were supposedly our two marque signings.
    So wit Clarke and Fosu out it's time to show just how good they are.
  • Blooming good decision by KR to play him in the Checkatrade Cup game against Portsmouth. Why risk one of our key players in a nonsense match?

    Has it been confirmed that it's the same leg? Given he played against QPR and MK Dons it seems that whatever it was had either healed or seemed to have healed.

    Also, worth noting that when carrying little knocks it's easy to pick up injuries.
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    As posted in the pre match preview thread:

    Fosu’s is a bad one. 5 weeks is possibly a little optimistic, we may not see him this side of Christmas.

    Spoke to the first team physiotherapist this morning and he said Fosu passed all the tests before the game on Saturday with no symptoms of pain or reoccurrence of injury from before. Fosu then asked to have a form of strapping on his thigh before the game started ‘as precaution’ which the medial team wondered why and informed Robinson but Tariqe was adamant he was okay. However, as he crossed for our second goal, the own goal, he hit the ball in a different type of way which has set him back. Really done part of his quad in and now probably won’t be back before Christmas, probably will be the new year unless he recovers better than expected.

    Pearce is however on the edge of returning as is Harry Lennon which is great. Just frustrating that when we get Reeves and Marshall back, Clarke and Fosu get very similar lengthy injuries.


    @Fortune 82nd Minute it wasn’t as simple as just Robinson playing him, all tests they done came back positive, he originally had a specific grade injury, worked with the medical team and everything came back okay. Just before the game on Saturday Tariqe clearly didn’t feel right but maybe was a little naive and just wanted to play, that’s backfired and now he is out for longer. Things aren’t as black and white as they may seem, there’s so much that goes into the medical side and with the schedule we have, we need to put 11 players out each game and sometimes we can’t help putting players out to play who aren’t quite right, but with the medical team we have now, there is no chance a player will play if they deemed the risks too high and could get a worse injury. What’s happened with Fosu is a little bit of a freak and unfortunate but we are in a no worse position now than we were when it was Marshall and Reeves out.

    In regards to Clarke, he felt his calf at the end of the Wimbledon game, they took him off and worked on him, he improved and felt good. Since he has picked up an injury and the calf is a really difficult one to manage. There’s not a lot of tests they can do, it’s practically a lot harder than say a quad injury. He’s been out for around a week, they’d hope to have him back within a month, so 3 weeks is a decent timeline.

    One thing that I learnt today was by this time last season, we had 5 hamstring injuries. So far this season we haven’t had any. That’s a credit to the medical team and the hard work they put in end of last season and pre season to find ways to prevent specific common injuries. We have just been very unfortunate that the bad injuries we have had so far this season have mainly been non-contact and ultimately there is only so much a medical team can do about that.
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    Any idea when he’s due back, and what his injury is?

    We miss a fit Fosu ,big time, I reckon if he hadn’t got injured he’d be on 12 goals by now, and we’d still be in the play offs.
  • When is he back?
  • 2 weeks... Always 2 weeks.
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  • Can't help but wonder if his is a 'selling' injury....
  • Back soon maybe?

  • Back soon maybe?

    Maybe he is fed up with people moaning about losing Holmes
    So he posted that as a way of saying look u dont need him when I can do this
  • Who are we selling Fosu to?
  • Who are we selling Fosu to?

    La Galaxy
  • Who are we selling Fosu to?

    Anyone who puts a bid in sadly.
  • Let's hope it's not an advert to leave
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    Back soon maybe?

    Two weeks patience! :wink:

  • Best for the team if Fosu stays injured until Feb 1st.

    Otherwise you know what the old scrote will do

  • I don't know who is responsible for signing him, but I do know who will be responsible for selling him!
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  • robroy said:

    Let's hope it's not an advert to leave

    the cynic in me believes it might just be that
  • As the OP I was sticking my neck out, I have faith in my player radar, but I am more sure than I was back in August.
  • One of the best signings Charlton have made for years. Seeing as he was playing for Colchester last season, who unearthed this treasure?Much credit is due. I'm sure Driesen had nothing to do with it.

    Good call that!
  • What I really liked about Morts was that you could see that his natural ability hadn't been coached out of him. As a result, he was a joy to watch. Although sometimes he could be frustrating probably for the same reason. Fosu is a different sort of player but he has the attributes to go to the top of the modern game. He is a different player, but whilst I rated Lookman very highly, If you gave me a choice I'd have Fosu. I have been watching football for over 40 years and only a handful of players have impressed me so much so quickly - instant wow if you like- where the hell did he come from FFS - he has something about him. I'll say one of those players was a young Gazza when I watched him play against us at Sellout. Going back Walsh and Lee stand out and going forward Parker.

    Not saying we haven't had great players, but from unknown to jaw dropping, WTF, I'm putting him in there and it is a small selection. I may be proven wrong and what he does with his talent is going to be down to him, but the lad is a bit special, of that I am sure. Still would like to know who is responsible for securing him, because he has been plucked out of nowhere!

    This doesn't sound so ridiculous now - I think he is the real deal.
  • Why don't we sing

    'one effing Fosu, there's only one effing Fosu'
  • did we get him on a free?
  • I'm sure that 'He was brought to our attention' by Lookman's agent during the Everton negotiations
  • did we get him on a free?

    Not quite, Reading got a development fee I believe
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