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  • The farting competition got so competitive that at one stage, having more or less cleared the two rows behind them both combatants simultaneously lent outwards to let one rip in the direction of their opponent
  • KM is saying : Roland has said that he wants us to play and sit in a 5-1-4 formation.
  • Reeves: Here Dave look at this Contract that Charlton have offered me, its written in crayon!!

    Martin: Dont show off, least you've got an offer!!
  • SP "I hope this bags big enough for all the Vol Au Vents".
  • A select audience marvels as the Owner unveils his fandango to the world....
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    In an effort to educate the ill mannered louts that won't sit down and tend to inconsiderately block the view of others sitting behind them the club has asked those in the directors box to demonstrate what should be done. In this example, fans in the rows in front automatically lean out in response to cries from an older generation of 'you're blocking my view my good chap'
  • Reeves - Now look see, it definitely says here , that it's 18 chips in a portion!
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  • KM: this lady next to me is making me look like a right minger!! Must move away...
  • Reeves: "If I sign this, will my dependents have me committed?".
  • Reeves: If we sign this bit of paper we could be playing for this lot next week.
    Martin: Here we go loopy lou.
  • KM: "What the hell does Robinson think he is doing?!? He knows winning isn't part of Roland's plan."
  • Reeves "I can buy myself some decent jeans now with the money they're paying me...."
  • Reeves: Mighty Reds? These Reds are bloody awful, I'm out of here...
  • 1StevieG said:

    Reeves "I can buy myself some decent jeans now with the money they're paying me...."

    Never mind the ripped jeans, why isn't he wearing a suit and tie ?
  • Sue P to Chris P:

    "It's no good leaning forward to get a better view, she's got her legs crossed, now sit back and behave!!"
  • CP to SP - are you sure we haven't mixed up the wigs today?
  • The state of Ben Reeves's trousers reveals his job application technique.
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  • Dave Martin "my other contract offer was Ipswich"
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