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Moving from Iphone6 to Samsung J5 - any tips?

I've decided to give my daughter my Iphone and move to Android (keeping my SIM) , any hints , tips? especially with regard to transferring Whatsapp contacts ad history.


  • This week I bought a Vodafone Smart 7 because it has a camera also trying to move with the times at 74.Because I had a six year old Nokia with all my contacts also about £12 cash still on it I asked my local Vodafone shop to change Sim cards as they are diffarent.The crux of the matter Smart Phones are not for me,will it be possible to sell,if I get the original Sim card installed.
  • Good luck. Apple make it a right pain to move contacts etc onto an Android.
  • Android is much much better than iOS having made the jump last year.

    Samsung include a widget that assists with transferring data. Only thing it failed to was WhatsApp history but you can transfer your log in very easily. Otherwise back up all your iPhone stuff and you're fine.
  • A few years ago Apple were making phones that no one else could get near. These days they don't even make the best phone.
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