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Can you help please? A fellow Addick is trying to come up with the name of a young Charlton player who turned down the chance to play for England because he was going on holiday. A clue is he can be remembered missing a penalty (that opens up the options!)

Thought to be possibly the 1980/81 season.


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    I can't think of anyone in our side on 80/81 that would even come close to playing for England. Mike Flanagan played for an England B side but i'm not sure when.
  • Paul Walsh
  • Mike Flanagan wasn't at Charlton in 1980/81 - he left for Palace in 1979. The only player that stood out that year would have been Paul Walsh but I don't remember him coming close to playing for England at that stage unless it was for the under 23s.
  • Thanks guys. The name of Paul Walsh was mentioned but apparently he's not our man (too tall). Could it have been Richie
  • Richie Bowman
  • No it was Paul Walsh. Think he had gone to Luton or Liverpool by then. No Charlton player played for England then
  • Richie Bowman left for Reading in 1977.

    Leroy Ambrose, perhaps? :smile:
  • Kevin Smith, maybe.
  • John Humphrey?
  • John Humphrey?

    Too early
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  • Could it be Barry Little and it's one of the England youth teams he didn't play for?
  • Kevin Smith. Who went on to be a full international, but not for England.
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    Not the answer here I know, but I'm pretty sure Paul Walsh blotted his copybook with England for going on holiday and missing an under 21 tournament or something. Charlton players missing penalties doesn't narrow the field too much:-)
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