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Madeira, Portugal

Hoping to get some advice about Madeira,

I am looking to book the 1st week of November. I have looked online and the weather seems decent, but has anybody been around this time?

Also, trying to get an idea of costs of eating out, beer etc.

Finally is it child friendly.

Thank you


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    Went in October last year. Beautiful island and well worth a visit. Funchal is a small but interesting city but the real beauty is found in exploring the island with waterfalls, levada walks and beautiful views across epic green mountains and canyons with crystal blue water backdrops.

    It's not a great place for kids - it's far more 'grown up' with a lot of walking and sightseeing rather than kids entertainment. Food is decent in the right places - v. Good fish restaurants with local catches.

    We also spent a week in Porto Santo (an island about 30 miles away) and that's basically an 8km beach with resorts. But I think it closes down at the end of October as the weather gets cooler. The weather in Madeira will be okay but possibly not sunbathing weather. Pools are not heated and you'll need to enjoy v cold water to swim even in the summer.
  • Very pleasant, though I've only been there in October.

    Personally l prefer Porto Santo.
  • Cable car in Funchal is great and the street toboggan ride back down is great, the kids will love that, and they have a photo waiting for you by the time you get to the bottom. Pictures of Ronaldo everywhere!
  • Funchal is lovely but deff just a large retirement home.
  • Been once found it nice but wouldn't rush back.

    A long time since we went but had a decent lido that the kids would like, also in the hills we found a rain forest cafe, not sure it was a proper one or a take off but if still there the kids would enjoy.
  • November you say? Well, it'll be warm but expect a fair bit of rain too. The stats say 12 days of rain in the average November with a total of 100mm for Funchal and that's in the drier southern half of the island. By way of comparison that's about double the rainfall in Essex at that time of year! (It's an obvious thing to say but Madeira is nowhere near as far south as The Canaries and precipitation-wise is also affected by its topography)
  • Thanks all
  • I went in November and it was sunny low 70's no rain. Its likely changed since I was there but it is a quiet Island overall but very nice and people are friendly.
  • Was there in February this year - great place. Toboggan ride down scared the bejesus out of the missus - I thought it was great fun.
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