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Burma Rangers

Anybody else catch this on Channel 4 news tonight?

I am an absolute dyed in the wool atheist with deep suspicions of anything religious but hats of to this group, incredible stuff.


  • Saw this and was also impressed. It wasn't just his bravery and devotion that made it newsworthy but the fact he's taken his whole family to the front line for extra support and for some spurious symbolic reason.

    The rescue of the little girl was very dramatic. Worried for the two little ones that scarpered when they arrived as the report didn't/ couldn't cover what happened to them afterwards.

    Whatever we think of the source of this guy's inspiration and people like him it showed what good people (especially with military training) can do in these extreme circumstances. The report should be available on the channel4 news website for some time yet for anyone who missed it.
  • Incredible man putting his life on the line like that - very brave, modest and selfless.
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