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Carl Ikeme: Wolves goalkeeper diagnosed with acute leukaemia

Our one time loanee (2009) .. I'm sure that we all will wish him the very best in his battle against this pernicious disease


  • Good luck Carl.
    Stay positive would be my advice.
  • That is just awful. Obviously hope he beats it.
  • He did really well for us, I hope he is on the mend soon
  • Good luck Carl - best wishes
  • CL is always reliable for this kind of stuff. Saw Nathan Byrne sent him a tweet with well wishes and was wondering what happened.

    Absolutely fucking awful thing. He's long had the reputation of being one of the nice guys in football. Goes without saying all my love and thoughts with him
  • Sad to read this. Hope he beats it. Wish him well.
  • Good luck Carl.
  • Let's all hope he wins the biggest battle of his life.
  • Hopefully he is in touch with Stilian Petrov, who had leukemia and recovered ( at least that was what I read a while ago)
  • Hopefully he is in touch with Stilian Petrov, who had leukemia and recovered ( at least that was what I read a while ago)

    He did. And he's another one who is rumored to be one of the nicest men in the game. Cancer really is a mother fucker.
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    Really sad to hear this. Wasn't at the club for the longest time but have fond memories of him and hope he recovers.
  • Good luck Carl, very best wishes
  • Desperately sad news, I hope he makes a full recovery
  • My prayers are with you Carl.
    My abiding memory is when you played in goal at Yeovil for Charlton. Never been so soaked by the wind and rain standing in the away end. You took a goal kick and it went out for a corner. Stay strong sir.
  • Hopefully caught early as part of regular medicals..

    Get well soon Carl.
  • Absolute bastard of a disease, wish him, along with all other sufferers, all the best.

  • Good luck to you Carl.
    I'm sure the whole football community will be behind you.
  • Good luck Carl.
  • Horrible news - hope he beats it.
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  • That's a bastard. On the plus side the pre-season tests may have prompted a very early diagnosis.
  • I'm assuming Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - the same as my Danny. The treatments are effective and there is hope.

    I wish Carl the very best - never give up.
  • Good luck and a speedy recovery.

    Said that Wolves picked up something not right in his pre-season tests and it was discovered this way.
  • All the best Carl we are all rooting for you mate.
  • Stay strong and be lucky wishing you every good thought.
  • Get well soon Carl.
  • Stay strong Carl, you'll beat it.
  • If you're reading this Carl, I wish you all the best, we're all rooting for you.
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