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Cover to Cover: Sly and the Family Stone v Arrested Development

Two versions of the same song. Listen without prejudice and say which you prefer and why.

Don't even mention other cover versions.

So which do you prefer The 1968 Sly Stone original or the 1992 Arrested Development cover


  • Chorus to Chorus?
  • Neither excite me very much I am afraid. Sly has more 'provenance' in my eyes, and the Arrested Development sounds as if it would like to be more radical but kind of holds back. The tempo of both tracks strikes me as being neither here nor there.
    However it is Sly by a smidgen.
  • for me its Arrested Development

    from a good album an all.
  • The Sly family and their stone win it for me. Just
  • Not sure it's a real comparison these two.

    I love both songs and both feature on my playlists so calling this one a tie
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