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PC Wayne Marques I salute you (London Bridge/Borough attack)

What a hero. Unbelievable courage.


  • They attacks whilst horrific just bring out the best in a glorious few and their stories of selfless courage become the real story.
  • Here Here
  • brave brave man
  • Think a medal is most deserving.
  • I think the Oxford English Dictionary needs a serious update in the next issue. Under the word, "hero", they just need to put a picture of this guy.
  • What a man, a real hero.

    Hope he can return to work, but if not he should be taken care of properly for life (at the very least).
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  • Incredible! A true hero!
  • Seriously brave, to a degree that I doubt if anyone else can properly comprehend.

    He deserves undying gratitude.
  • Yep. Hero by any measure.
  • Unbelievable god bless you.
  • Astonishing bravery.
    I am in awe.
  • It takes a brave brave man to "take a deep breath and charge in"

    He deserves all the praise he gets and more, a true hero.
  • Wow

    Many thanks to that man.
  • Indeed - hero gets bandied about a lot in these times - but this guy was selfless, brave and yes, a hero.
  • It's an eye opener for the public. We are there to serve and protect. What this officer done was truly remarkable. He must carry his bollocks around in a wheelbarrow because they're clearly huge.

    I could never imagine being in a situation like this and wouldn't want to but this officer is a life saver and needs to be commended. Amazingly courageous and the interview made my eyes damp. Well done Wayne. Hero.
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  • Huge respect and admiration for PC Marques, truly selfless bravery. I hope he can enjoy his life without too many demons from that act of heroism effecting him.
  • Words fail me, for what he did in that situation. Extraordinary
  • Top bloke. What public service is all about.
  • Saw his interview on Channel 4 news - incredibly brave and very modest.
  • A real hero but sod you getting a pay rise! After seeing this brave man, I wouldn't have the cheek to squeeze the pay of the police and emergency services any more!
  • Extremely brave thing to do but it also raises the question. If he'd been armed could he have stopped the carnage?
  • Echo everyone's sentiments about him. - a remarkable man. Looks possible that in time he will make a full recovery from his physical injuries but really hope he continues to cope with the emotional and mental aspects of that awful night and receive help if he needs/wants it.
  • Extremely brave thing to do but it also raises the question. If he'd been armed could he have stopped the carnage?

    I believe PC Marques is a British Transport Police Officer, so although I can see the day coming that Police Officers will be armed , doubt it would extend to Transport Police?
  • Don't know if I could have been that brave, guess you find out in the heat of the moment. As Davo says, what he needs is lifelong financial and mental support for his injuries. A medal is great but hopefully it's not a case of the govnt give him that and forget.
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