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Fruit Ciders

How the f*** did we used to get through summers without them nor sticking ice cubes in your cider ????

Rekorderlig Mixed Berries is my current fruity of choice. Tried the Mango and Raspberry today, was ok, but not as nice. Strawberry ones I find a half refreshing but more than that it feels too sweet.

What Fruiders have ya been drinking ?


  • "Brothers" do some really nice ones -
    Toffee Apple and their newer coconut and lime spring to mind!
  • Not really the same thing but the berry strongbow cuts straight through the thirst
  • Perfect summer drink.

    Kopperberg Pear and Bulmers red berry are my current favourites.
  • Not in to dark fruits myself, prefer normal strongbow but tried the Smirnoff pomegranate and raspberry today and the Rekorderlig strawberry and lime. Smirnoff one was surprisingly nice and definitely my favourite out of the 2, strawberry is just a bit too sweet of a flavour but inevitably easy to drink and wouldn't hesitate to have it again.
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  • Can't stand them, cider should taste of apples and nothing else. Aspalls all day long.
  • I had three of the Rekordalig strawberry and lime in the Sail Loft Friday as I wanted to keep my wits about me. I soon got fed up of the furry teeth and switched to Peroni. A few large sav Blancs to finish the night. Jobs a goodun.
  • Oh well, looking like a cheap round :-)
  • One then they become sickly.
  • It's not for drinking on the sesh but on a day like today I agree they are perfect. Old Mout Do some particularly tasty ones.
  • My Missus drinks Strongbow mixed with various neat fruit juices when at home, she refuses to pay stupid prices for what she sees as exactly that.
  • Fruit ciders are not made from fruit. Most of them are perry with a massive scoop of artificially flavored syrup.
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  • Can't stand them, cider should taste of apples and nothing else. Aspalls all day long.

    Mmm yes. I'm mostly on the wagon these days, but got a couple of bottles of Aspalls in for election night. Very nice indeed, although the 7% stuff went down far too easily. Drinking it in this weather would be a major tactical error I reckon.
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    If you get the chance try Old Mount Cider - Kiwi and Lime flavour. It sounds awful but it's phenomenal. I've convinced a lot of people to try it and it's the drink of choice for all of them now!
  • a lot of them are far too sweet for me used to only drink cider ( thatchers, strongbow, magners) up until about 4 years ago then almost overnight i went off the taste of it, and made the switch to lager.
  • Carter said:

    They are all too sweet and also will make you shit your pants when those of you used to a strict meat and potatoes diet get the artifical fruit hit in your colon.

    They are basically fruit shoots for adults. Unless we are talking old rosie 7.5% nutter juice then I'm out of this one.

    One thing I will say is the drinkers of these sugary nectar's are normally the people who get insanely petrified of wasps

    Ha, you beat me to it.
    Had a session down the anchor and hope on that pear stuff one, got as far as the Thames barrier on my way home.
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    bristol rovers away if on a saturday get into a bristol pub that does "rough" cider blows your brains out.
  • Strongbow cloudy apple on draft is lovely. Got plastered on it a few months ago at Sidcup Golf Club and barely had a hangover. The bottled fruit stuff is generally too sickly for me although there is the odd one here and there that I like.
  • Can't stand them, cider should taste of apples and nothing else. Aspalls all day long.

    Fully agree with this. Aspalls and Thatchers for me.
  • surely all cider is made with fruit? Anyway, I'm sad the cider shop in Chelmsford closed. You could take your own bottle and fill it up with scrumpy. Thatchers and Aspalls for me too if we are talking about fizzy stuff, but I don't mind Scrumpy Jack either.
  • 10 bottles of K down Zens used to do the trick though.
  • Fecking disgusting.

    Cider should be flat, cloudy, warm and drunk from a milk bottle.

    Or drunk from a jug. Proper scrumpy. Cider is by definition made from apples, everything else is... well... something else. :smiley:
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