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Tracey Leaburn and her charity bike ride

Something bothers me about this.

It's very risky to apparently question anyone's brilliant work for charity so let me make it crystal clear that no criticism of Tracey is intended. She's putting in a huge effort and deserves the highest praise for taking this challenge on - I hope the event is a huge success for a very worthy cause.

Tracey really is a lovely lady (I met her recently at Bromley Addicks and when I have occasionally e-mailed her I've always had a pleasant and helpful reply). But, her normal duties as Player Liaison Officer should surely be keeping her extremely busy during the transfer windows. So why, I ask myself, is a key employee able to spend so much time at the moment involved with a London-Amsterdam charity bike ride ? Why now ?

So, then, maybe colleagues are covering her work, or perhaps she has a very flexible roster. Even so, she must have asked for permission in advance and she must have been given the green light in advance, so to me that means the SMT have known all along that little to nothing of importance would be happening during this period. (Well, so much for the Mickey Mouser's promise of early action.)

So what does THAT actually signify ? That no signings have been permitted because imminent new owners are due ? That RD has put the block on all transfers anyway ? That no-one bothered to think about Tracey's customary importance at this time ? That Carlo offered them out in the car park should the request be denied !? Or is it simply that no-one any longer gives the furry crack of a rat's backside about the way CAFC is "operating" these days ?

Final question - should we even care ?

Sorry. Rant over.


  • Or maybe she's doing it during her holidays?
  • I think you are reading too much into it.

    She is training for a charity close to her (her dad died from prostate cancer) so goes on bike rides for a few hours.

    She'll then spend a couple of days riding to Amsterdam.

    She's not sailing around the world single handed for months on end.

    More info here
  • You do know people can work outside of the hours 9-5, right? She probably does training (a couple of hours here and there) around her job and catches up when she needs to.
  • KM is probably on holiday, season tickets are not being sold, so the ticket office staff are probably on holiday, sounds like the club has shut down for the week.
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