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what are the fastest East-West Roads in England?

Other than the M4... trying to get from mid Wales to Norfolk


  • razil's gonna get lost by the sounds of it!
  • I think they are the same speed in both directions
  • A14 past Kettering wasnt a slow road when I was coming home from the Peak District a few years ago.

    Joins the M1 at the M6 and had to use it because of a huge crash on the M25 so went along the A14 to join the M11.
  • Get across to the M6, then A14 to change to the A11 for Norfolk?

    Really busy though
  • Could try getting on to M6 then A14 followed by A11? Don't know about fast though! Alternatively the A50 east from Stoke is not a bad road these days.
  • Head out of Wales on the A5, onto the M54, past Wolves & join up with the A14 south of Coventry.
  • what about the bit before the M6, looking like a40, M5
  • The A50 from around Stoke to Nottingham is a good bit of road and then down the M1 to the A14. It depends where you are coming from in Wales but it misses Birmingham which can be a pig in peak hours unless you opt to pay on the M6 Toll Road. You can still pick up traffic at either end of the M6 Toll though.
  • razil said:

    what about the bit before the M6, looking like a40, M5

    That'll only really take you as far as Oxford though...
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  • a40, m50, m5
  • m4 route is longer but faster road, suggesting you can make up time more easily that route
  • Surely it would be better to do... M50 out of Wales... M5 | M42 up and around Birmingham where you can link up with the M6, then jump on to the A14 and A11 across the country and up to Norfolk.

    A40 is simply taking you towards the M25 where you might as well go round and then back up the M11
  • a40 from inside wales to M50
  • razil said:

    a40 from inside wales to M50

    Which town are you going from / to?
  • if the a14 is good all the way I guess thats the main thing, the welsh part of the a40 is winding and slow, but direct
  • Llanllwni
  • razil said:


    I've just used Google and it gives you two choices... the one I suggested or the M4...
  • yup, no beating real world experience though
  • razil said:

    yup, no beating real world experience though

    Dunno... Google have a good knack of getting it pretty spot on with timings etc.

    I've ignored their advice at my peril in the past.
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  • Q: How do you get two whales in a Mini?
    A: Straight down the M4 mate.
  • What time of day? A14 Eastbound is a complete pig in the mornings.
  • what part of Wales to what part of Norfolk ? .. both cover BIG areas
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    Even if the latter stages are slow (A14, A11) it must be better than heading south to the M4, then East towards London & then the M25 around Watford etc - there are always queses from Heathrow to Watford & the M1 - then you have to get to the M11, unless (as mentioned above) you go up the M1. just makes no sense.

    I was in wales when England won the infamous Rugby World Cup in Australia. Charlton were at Leicester that day & I left the Harlech area around 11 am and went through Welshpool, onto the M54, then M6 & finally up a liitle stretch of the M1 to Leicester. No problem.
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  • razil said:

    yup, no beating real world experience though

    @razil I do a drive from Cardiff to Solihull (off M42 Birmingham) twice a month. If you leave outside of rush hour you can do that in two hours. From the M42 follow the advice provided by @ForeverAddickted

    The drive from Llanllwni to the m50 is likely to take a good few hours going through Brecon unless you cut down onto the M4 then back up at a449/a40 which is fast to the m50. But at that point question whether it's worth staying on the M4 and using the m25 - your call but those look like your two best options.
  • In answer to the original question......there aren't any.
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