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Caption competition

Love this pic.
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  • No turn around Roland is sitting in that stand.
  • Paper, scissors, rock or red card
  • 'Can you see the bogie now ?'
  • 'I've tried picking the spinach out of my teeth with this card but is it still there?'
  • "You haven't got the minerals...."
  • "Say Young Fish Costa Fortune one more time mofo...."
  • All I said was "I come from portugal and fucking hate millwall"
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    "Your just not listening are you,when I said to you...,I wanted to talk about CARD,I didn't mean that kind of card"
  • 'Wow, that's an amazing magic trick, how did you know I picked the 5 of spades ? . Next you'll probably be pulling a card out of the air and showing me what colour shirts the next team I play for will wear...'
  • Do you want me to help you shove that card up your arse
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    Have you seen the Eurovision Somg Contest result ref?
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