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There were 4 posters out of 62 that made a return in the final week.
Collectively won £166.92 off the bookie. This leaves us up (the way the competition is run) £5,762.91 overall.
The weekly winner, saving the best return of the season 'til last was Pedro45. A treble of Sunderland (7.50), Fulham (3.00) and Blackburn (2.60) netted them a whopping £585.00.
Also well done to blackpool72 on a treble figure return.

Congratulations to all this weeks winners. I hope you backed up your virtual bet with real cash.

That huge return was enough to pip long time leader (and absentee this week) Sonicstud85 to the title.

As has been mentioned before despite the 'Beat the Bookie' title, it is more a competition between lifers.
What people have to take into consideration is that the 'bookie' is planting a ten pound bet for you to use every week.
If this weren't the case, and each bet came out of lifers pockets then the following (quite impressive unless I've royally cocked up my maths) applies.

Despite last years champion creepyaddick entering and losing every week this season, 45 lifers would still have made a real profit and collectively we would've taken £1,482.91 off the bookie.

Thanks to the 101 lifers that took part.
See you next season if my brain recovers.


  • Cheers bacon
    Nice pedro
  • Honestly my favourite part of the season, thanks for going to all the effort

  • Well done and look forward to next season. Thanks a lot.
  • edited May 2017
    Great competition - thanks for the hard work on it!
  • Enjoyed this, appreciate the effort.
  • Well done, @paulbaconsarnie. It's been great fun. You can enjoy a summer of bacon sarnies without having to work out the scores.
  • Fantastic stuff. Well done @paulbaconsarnie
  • Cheers PBS. My first season. Still, I've learnt from my mistakes this year and promise to make the same mistakes next year do better. :)
  • Thanks PBS.

    Can't believe how many times some people won.
    Gonna go for smaller returns next season.
  • 3 wins all season, tragic.

    Thanks for all your efforts, much appreciated.
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  • Thanks PBS for all your efforts and enjoy the summer - well until pre-season training starts in 8 weeks time anyway!
  • done well last year and this season not so much my bastard team of the year have been spurs somehow every time they lost have needed them to land quite big acca returns, the strangest one involving charlton and trump to win the us election.

    cheers for organising a fun comp.
  • I had to go big and it worked! Great fun, a second and a first in the last two seasons, maybe I should use my own money!!! A massive thanks to @paulbaconsarnie for running this comp; it must take a massive amount of time and effort; superb! Also a big thanks to my fellow Charlton Life community, without whom I would be playing with myself, and also my parents, wife, and friends. The tears are starting to well up, so I'd better go now and decide my strategy for next season! Thank you!
  • Back to reality this year! Nice one PBS and well done Pedro!
  • Thanks Paul for one of my favourite threads.
    And i get a mention on the final one of the season.
    22nd in my debut season, I'm happy with that.
    Enjoy your break Paul well deserved
  • Thanks for all the effort Paul.
    Well done to Pedro...I was so close to backing Sunderland as well on the last round!
  • thanks Paul - appreciated
  • congrats @Pedro45

    massive thanks @paulbaconsarnie great addition to the comps this. thanks for all your efforts
  • Thanks to Paulbaconsarnie for all his hard work and maths. Given the profit made this season, what appetite would there be for a number of us underwriting this and trying to take the £5,000 from a bookie?
  • Thanks to Paulbaconsarnie for all his hard work and maths. Given the profit made this season, what appetite would there be for a number of us underwriting this and trying to take the £5,000 from a bookie?

    What would the outlay be? (Sorry, I cannot count the number of entries shown in the above table) The ROI may be quite small, and there is a risk of course?
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  • Thanks @paulbaconsarnie - look forward to this every week and normally back up my selections with real money (not a tenner though). Makes me realise how difficult it is to pick just three winners every week even when some look so obvious! Funny old game. Well done.
  • How's ya luck! I was in Vegas and missed it.... thanks Paul bacon and well done Pedro!
  • Cheers PBS. Look forward to next season.
  • Congrats to Pedro and many thanks to PBS.
  • Thanks for organizing @paulbaconsarnie and well played @Pedro45 especially the final week.
  • great stuff @paulbaconsarnie love this comp

    well done @Pedro45
  • Palace
  • Ffs
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