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  • very touching, thanks for sharing
  • Great video.

    I know they are only human but it's always nice to see the manager and players getting involved.
  • the kind of lovely story that ALL fans and devotees of the club can agree is heart warming irrespective of our differences, our likes and dislikes .. another example of the usually unseen community work carried out for no profit by players and management

    and of course, Charlie is a very brave young man
  • Brave little boy, hats off to him and the club.
  • Lovely story.....good luck little fella!
    UP THE ADDICKS........Charlie Boy........UP THE ADDICKS!
  • Top lad all with you son.
  • Lovely video and looks a lovely lad. Great to see the players and manager making a genuine effort.
  • Excellent heart warming story. what a fantastic little fella.
  • Great stuff. Go Charlie!
  • Bless his little heart.

    Let's hope he'll soon have a club to be proud of again & one his mates will want to support too.
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  • Great stuff - as if the poor lad hadn't suffered enough already being a Charlton fan.
  • Just been a great news item about Charlie on South East Today.
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