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RD appreciation thread

Im a big fan of RD and want him to stay as owner - if we all pull together we can save the club.

Just imagine if we lost KM and KR....


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    And our owners and stakeholders
  • Don't forget Big Tone ... what a loss he will be.
  • When Big Tone leaves, I'll be framing my police correspondence.

    Please share it on here. It'll be hilarious!
  • I think a monument to the Duchatelet era is needed once it finally comes to an end.

    'The Roland Duchatelet Memorial Toilet Block' in the away stand probably sends out the right message
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  • I'll always be grateful to him for protecting us from one of those owners from the Far East who don't understand English football...
  • Writing Rd, rather than Road, saves me ink, and a little time. So, yes, I'm appreciative of this useful abbreviation. Cheers.
  • Give him his due, he's certainly energised the fanbase.
  • Thank you, Roland. I actually got to know some other Charlton supporters because of you.
  • Without you I wouldn't have visited Belgium or had a ride on the Eurostar.
  • Roland I would really really Appreciate it,...if you just did one thing we all wish for & you just fucked off.
    thanking you kindly
    With regards of course...!!!
  • Thanks to Roland, I now fully appreciate the value of Duct Tape and how to make the best use of it
  • I'll come back to this when I think of something
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  • I don't even appreciate the thread.
  • Roland Browning
    Roland Rat
    Roland out of tears for fears.
    Roland Ducheshatlet

    All Roland's are useless tossers.

    Whoahhhhhh there. Mr Orzabal made some tuuuuunes!
  • He's in my top 5 Rolands.
  • Roland Browning
    Roland Rat`
    Roland out of tears for fears.
    Roland Ducheshatlet

    All Roland's are useless tossers.

    why couldn't we have got Roland from FYC. that would have been a GIFT

    instead we got some dirty old man with shit for shoes.
  • In order to show my appreciation I wrote a song about him.

  • Thank you for saving me a shed load of money from club shop, if it wasn't for you I would have spent several hundreds in their for me and my 2 boys over the last couple of years.
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    Goodbye and close the door on the way out.
  • au revoir, goodbye, auf weidersehn, fark orf....
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