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Alex Dyer appointed Welling Manager for the rest of the season


  • Good luck with a big task
  • Welling seem to have a different manager every other month
  • What happened to Day?
  • PopIcon said:

    What happened to Day?

    Went to Gillingham as part of the coaching staff
  • Big game for them tomorrow.
  • Have to win one of their next 2 games (both at home against 3rd bottom and 4th bottom) as i can't see them getting much from the last 3 games.
  • For a second I got a small twitch of excitment then when i read the first three words...........
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  • I'd laugh if Roland bought welling and put fraeye in charge.
    They experience all time low in season ticket sales and plummet down every division possible till they can't get any lower.
    We've learnt from our mistakes.

    Roland gets off at the wrong bus stop and attends a match. Everyone dances.

    I wouldn't really laugh.
  • Could be an excellent move.
  • Good for him, always liked smiler.
  • Ready to come back with cp and jj when the rat sells for the new season
  • Good luck Alex!
  • All the best Alex.
  • Good luck Alex, Welling are in Dyer straits at the moment
  • Great result today.
  • stonemuse said:

    Great result today.

    Should just about be safe now.
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  • Alex Dyer now assistant to Steve Clark at Kilmarnock
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