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Weather tomorrow...

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Gorgeous, sunny up to 20 degrees.

It's not too late to join our lifer walking army on the Upbeats walk tomorrow morning and make the most of the good weather:-)

There is no charge to enter, simply complete the link and be there before the 9am start!

Updated list of walking lifers below, can anyone else be tempted to join us?

@Cardinal Sin
@big in Brasov
@Afternoon Delight
@Baldybonce (for a bit hopefully)


  • Those that don't know others and want to walk together as a group, look out for @T.C.E and his mate Bailey as that's where most of us will be together.

    If you don't get much sense out of the dribbling, aging hound, then trying talking to the dog :-)

    Lol..........Sadly Bailey has pulled up lame and may well miss tomorrow, his Thyroid levels dropped and his although his medication has been adjusted it may not have the desired affect in time. Valli will definitely be there and she's turning some heads, I'm thinking of bringing Xena along to help Valli's confidence as she has never seen London traffic, Xena can be a bit chatty around other dogs and SE London is not ready for JJ but if anyone is bringing their pup along, please give her a swerve. Looking forward to it as always and look out for this pair of bitches.image
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    I look forward to putting names to faces. I reckon it's shorts and tee shirt weather too!
  • You will be put in to colour coded groups... but the first year I did it, we just bunched together and left at the same time. You wont get stopped.
  • Shorts are ironed - maximum exposure!
  • Not the speedos surely?
  • If it wasn't such a long walk I'd wear thongs!
  • Good luck all, I will be at my first game for a year tomorrow on sponsorship duties so sadly cannot join you guys, but I will give you a thought when tucking into my 5 course lunch.
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Roland Out!