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Brian Pern RIP

Just read that Brian Pern died last month. Tribute programme on BBC4 tonight


  • One of the greats.
  • He lived a life that one. You couldn't make it up! RIP
  • RIP. So sad. He was still performing in festivals in 2015 - at the V Festival and, I think, the Isle of Wight. Loved Thotch.
  • Saw Thotch at Hammersmith in 1972 when they were supporting Genesis, absolutely brilliant, stole the show.
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    RIP. Brian was a huge influence on Gabriel, Genesis, Bowie and lots of other acts whose names began with G. And B. Sedgeways or whatever those scooter bike things are called should be banned. Terrible way to go, especially after surviving a recent heart attack.
  • Not a fan of prog rock or his so called world music but a bit of a legend in his own lunch time.
  • A worthy RIP indeed.
  • Absolutely gutted. Don't normally get involved with these RIPS but he was such a massive influence on me growing up.

    I don't know how I'm going to live without anything new from the master and having to watch the same old Pernography.
  • I thought he was an overrated wanker.
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  • iainment said:

    I thought he was an overrated wanker.

    Have some respect. The guy has only just passed away.

    Take it to the "What was the best Thotch gig?" thread.
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    Too young to have been into Thotch first time around but got into his later solo stuff massively. Rivalled Dylan in his lyricism imo.

    RIP Brian.
  • He's died in the wrong year; most musical greats seemed to pass away in 2016.
  • He's died in the wrong year; most musical greats seemed to pass away in 2016.

    ......except Prince.
  • Shocked by Mike Batt

    I burned all my Wombles records in protest last night
  • Tragically young. RIP.
  • Thotch will live on forever....

  • I personally think he sold out over the last few years, nothing will ever touch his Peruvian jungle tribe recordings, RIP Brian
  • The first person to use plasticine in videos.

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