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Chuck Berry RIP

The poet of rock and roll.

If you think his guitar riffs are corny then that is because everyone copied them.

His lyrics are genius.



  • A true legend. RIP.
  • Wow another huge one.. sad news
  • Marty McFly had a big influence on him

  • RIP to a legend
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    One of the absolute greats of music.
    So influential, and his stuff was so uplifting.
    RIP to an icon.
  • Top quality musician.
  • Absolute legend. Always hammered the session guys who backed him.

  • Abdolutely a master. His influence is so massive it becomes unnoticed and almost banal. But a true great of modern music.
    So glad I saw him live a few times whilst he still had it.
    Roll over Beethoven there's a new master there now.
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  • Met him in '79. Miserable sod, but a great musician. RIP.
  • Absolute legend - much copied, never bettered.

    Here come old flat top, gone like a coool breeze..
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    I have changed my mind about RIP threads. I now find them educational.

    Pulp Fiction is my connection.
  • Rip and thank you for bye bye Johnny
  • Condolences to Les

  • Definition of the word 'icon'. RIP
  • Dad played him in the car along with Buddy Holly the most. I don't really care that I heard almost nothing but bad things about him, he was that good. Crazy to think the people he lived alongside and yet he was still with us.
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  • Boy, could that little country boy play the guitar ... RIP Chuck Berry
  • I stumbled onto Chuck when my oldest brother moved to Australia and left his record collection and record player behind. It made an impression on a young mind that I'll never regret.
  • Chuck Berry has left behind the greatest rock n roll legacy of any artist. His songs have been covered, copied and blatantly stolen.

    Never got to see him live but I've heard if he had to play 75 minutes, he'd play exactly 75 minutes, no more, no encores.

  • Surprised no-one's mentioned the tenuous Charlton connection yet (or are we too well behaved to sing that song these days?)

  • RIP Chuck
    A legend saw him live at Granada Woolwich around about 1964 brillant
  • RIP Chuck
  • Was in a Prog Rock band as a teenager - rather out of sync with the genre, such was his influence, we even did a cover of Johnny B. Goode. The riff is now part of my 14 year old son's catalogue.

    RIP Chuck and thanks for the music.
  • Remember getting my hands on the single 'No Particular Place to go' and the delight of finding the instrumental 'Liverpool Drive' on the b side. Wore out both sides of that single.

    RIP Chuck.

  • RIP to one of the most inspirational guitarists of my younger days.
    Will take my guitar lessons in a new direction now.
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