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Evening Standard appoints new Editor (George Osborne!)

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  • Does he have a beard?
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  • Match made in heaven hell

  • Hilarious. Surely he like.. had to tell someone first?
  • Says he's staying on as an MP too. Unbelievable!
  • WOW One minute being one of the most powerful men in the country to this.
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  • How does this clueless c**t manage to get all these high paid jobs when he couldn't even find his own arse with both hands?
  • C_A_F_C said:


    There is no soul behind those eyes.
  • He's a Tory. He'll do what he bloody well pleases
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    Leuth said:

    He's a Tory. He'll do what he bloody well pleases

    So predictable..


    I thought I'd take a screenshot rather than post it, just to see how long it took unprompted.
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  • The Standard's been used as a tool to grease up to the rich and powerful for years - it's only logical to cut out the middleman and give the job directly to the rich and powerful.
  • Well I'm not buying it now even though it's free.
  • it sums up all that is wrong with our society

    if hes a paid MP then that should be it ..end of /no blurred lines/jobs on the side/backhanders/expenses etc

    makes a mockery of our system and proper democracy

    its absolutely stinks just another trougher who has obviously gone into politics to broaden his "profile"
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  • LuckyReds said:

    C_A_F_C said:


    That face when you're trying to get in a club but you know the bouncer is already a little bit suspicious.

    "I.. erh... half... erh.. half a pint.. yeah.. thats all I've had mate.. yeah.."
    this is before he had his 'Ceasar' haircut and his funny diet.

    He looks like a zombie, his drugs (prescription or otherwise) must have just kicked in and he's trying to get his brain in order to deal with it.

  • Maybe he's going to be the Sports Editor?

  • Leuth said:

    He's a Tory. He'll do what he bloody well pleases

    Cos no Labour MP has had a second job, ever.

    Lazy working class scum.
  • Well that post by LuckyReds frazzled my brain for a short while. Home was getting me nowhere.
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