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Roland & Katrien quotes

Some memorable ones that come to mind :(

Katrien (After getting relegated last season)

“Our sole aim is to be fighting for promotion next season and our top priority is to put together a squad that can help Charlton Athletic get back into the Championship.”

More like a squad that's going nowhere, even relegation candidates if we're not careful! Top 6 budget? You're having a laugh!

Roland 12th February:

"I fully understand that people are unhappy, so I don't take things personally, and I try to do something about it," Duchatelet added in a wide-ranging interview.

"I still believe we can make a big success out of this and that Charlton can regain importance in London.

"Two years in such an adventure is not a long period. I still feel I have the ability to be a very big asset to the club."

I'm still waiting!!!

Roland after sacking Chris Powell:

Charlton is one of the most fantastic clubs in England and it's not at the right place today and we can improve this and that's what we're trying to do

ROLAND OUT!!!!!!!!!


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Roland Out!