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Rochdale v Charlton - Post Match Views

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6 goals and a proper northern ding dang do.

Sadly, not the win we needed though.

Look forward to your views (ed. comments from those there put in bold)


  • Millwall
  • 6 goals and a proper northern ding dang do.

    Sadly, not the win we needed though.

    Look forward to your views

    Mmmm... just wondering whether I should know what a northern ding dang do is?
  • Only positive is that we kept coming back. Fact is we havent beaten fleetwood, wimbledon or rochdale. So not feeling very positive of a play off place
  • A nothing point , in a game where both teams were out of form and consistent low scorers!

    Our 18 cup finals aren't going too well are they! No better than slades results, yet he's doing well at Coventry (albeit too far gone to start a real run to safety)

    Millwall gaining more confidence as Well as games in hand , which will of course prove handy!
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  • Went 2-1 up, Bauer missed a wonderful chance and they went up the other end and scored. They then pushed on, we gave NML the freedom of the North West and he scored, it looked like game over. Fortunately for us, Jorge Teixeira scored again, however his celebrations will be cut short early by the news of Millwall (who the Portugeezer f*cking hates) scoring a late winner.

    Classic Charlton, going to a team who haven't scored in 6, scoring 3 goals and not coming away with all 3 points.

    KR said February will define our season, and it certainly has so far, draws, a loss despite being "better" and points needlessly thrown away have been the order of the day so far, and a playoff push is only getting more unrealistic. We have to win every game left now to have a decent chance of getting in the playoffs, and that's not going to happen
  • vffvff
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    Good to see Charlton fight back not to lose.

    8 points from 6th place play off in 13th position 8 points off the bottom place tells the story, alongside the 15th draw of the season and 3 points from the last 4 games. Oh for a bit of additional quality in the team & coherent team building, in the preseason transfer window and Jan transfer window that could have turned some of these draws into wins. Plays offs looking highly unlikely.

    How long for Duchatelet to pin the blame on Robinson for his rubbish strategy, underfunded & hastily thrown together teams ?
  • We're consolidating in midtable quite nicely now.

    Tex should be starting, ahead of Bauer imo when Pearce comes back.
  • We've thrown away another lead. Same as last week another team who are out of form and we can't hold on to a win.

    The opportunities have been there this season but we aren't good enough to win matches.

    Don't see why next season will be any different to this season without a change of owner.

  • No matter, there are some on a strange planet not too far away, getting uncommonly excited by our prospects for next season
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  • Macronate said:

    Thing is, Robinson went silly with the Lookman wedge he was given by our spendthrift owner and now it's upset the team dynamics.

    Sounds plausible....
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    Josh And Forster Caskey particularly poor today. Mavididi looked very skilful when he came on. Incredible run from own half to set to up the goal which came from the resulting corner. But another draw.

    Oh and Page played a whole game at last
  • 3 goals conceeded against a team who haven't scored in 6. Two goals coming from centre back, after the manager says there's goals in the front men. Said goalscoring centre back only comes on at half time. February definining our season according to our manager. Well 3 points from afc Wimbledon, Fleetwood, Oldham and Rochdale is not quite the defining month I was expecting
  • dickplumb said:

    I think people are forgetting that this is the mighty Rochdale. I don't know all you negative CARD supporters thinking we should be doing better against Fleetwood Rochdale Oldham and AFC Wimbledon. Colin is still being positive.

    Yep. Look on the bright side, we might have conceded three goals against a team that hadn't previously scored in over 500 consecutive minutes, but at least we weren't the home side.

    No really, that was his take on today's result.
  • Compare the signings we made in January to the signings Millwall made. Absolutely laughable.

  • Stayed away today. Season over. Well done to the die hards but you are presiding over a corpse in waiting. If it's mid table third division you want i guess, fill your boots.
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