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Roland and Katrine Wish All Charlton Customers a Very Merry Xmas


  • Nicely done.


    Please fuck off RD and KM, Merry Christmas!
  • They go so well together ...yuk
  • Can't work out if it is self-promotion or parady?
  • They can both do one!
  • Their faces invoke horrendous anger within me.

    I hope they both had an awful Christmas Day, ideally involving a blocked toilet and an incontinent elderly relative.
  • It's Christmas so I should be nice but I can't, pair of cunts.
  • This Christmas I wish nothing but food poisoning and the shits on them.
  • Catering Merde and Duckshitalley... Love it. Pardew for boss soon? Final insult. The Manager that can actually put any spine into a team facing Millwall should get the job. Twenty years since? I now live on the Wight.... Twenty plus years season ticket holder.......... needed some excuse to stop going..... Famous Belgians; 0, Infamous Belgians; Hundreds. Even includes their royalty. See Belgian Congo history, WWII history for details.
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Roland Out!