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This that always seem to happen to other clubs...

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... but never seem to apply to Charlton.

Was listening to the Charlton Live podcast today and they mentioned the MK Dons will still be experiencing their new manager bounce when we face them on boxing day, and it got me thinking - every other club seems to get the benefit of this when they change boss, but when was the last time it happened to us?

Les Reed was an all round disaster, Pardew took several games to get a win, Parky lost his first 8 (!), Riga, Luzon and Fraeye all made m'eh to flat out bad starts, and Robinson... well you don't need reminding how that is going.

Bob Peeters got off to a flyer but he wasn't a mid season appointment so is slightly different. Probably only Chris Powell can claim to have had that effect after joining partway through a season, since Curbs left at least, but our form wasn't that terrible when he took over (we were 5th, after all).

So what are the other things that seem to be normal at other clubs but have never quite managed to take hold at Charlton - good or bad?


  • Players that can pass accurately to each other.
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    Did we not win 5-0 under Powell on his first game back?

    Know what you mean think we are a miserable, joyless club at times in recent years. Our transfers(last 10 years) and takeovers always seem really dull and uninspiring as do our managerial appointments too. Would love a Zabeel takeover and a team full of lunatics and characters ala Di Canio just for a season or two, losing 7-0 one week and winning 8-4 the next and being up in front of the FA each month for bringing the game into disrepute ...rather than the turgid bland wank that trotted around on the pitch on Wednesday before the inevitable impotent capitulation.

  • Victories over millwall.
  • Did we not win 5-0 under Powell on his first game back?

    2-0 vs Plymouth wasn't it?

  • Did we not win 5-0 under Powell on his first game back?

    2-0 vs Plymouth wasn't it?

    no idea mate
  • Winning on TV. 9 times out of 10 it's a humilating performance.
  • We won the first 4 then lost the next 4 under Powell.

    FA cup semi finals seem to happen to other clubs of similar sizes.

  • Cup runs.Always disastrous.
  • Whenever I watch other teams they ALL seem to attack with intent and appear more dangerous going forward.

    Charlton on the other hand seem fortunate to be ahead and a goal will come out of nothing rather than good attacking play.

    Its probably partly just me but felt that at times even during our League One title winning season and all the years under Curbs.
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  • Dave2l said:

    We've changed the meaning of new manager bounce.

    They bounce in, they bounce out.

    Or we're creating a whole new manager lurch. We've been perfecting the technique for approaching three years now.
  • Only bounce we have had with our last 2 managers is their Bellys
  • The nearest we've had recently was under caretaker Nugent!
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