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The Skipper & Chris Powell (pg 3)- Class acts

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To give some context, Kyle very bravely recently wrote a blog highlighting some personal struggles which JJ appears to have read and reacted to.


  • Wow - incredible gesture
  • I definitely reckon that Johnnie reads the blogs and forums...

    How else was he able to make the comment after the Bleep test during the summer when he jokingly responded that for a while now people have been writing off his fitness etc.
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    Would expect nothing less from the skipper,fantastic gesture. Top man JJ.
  • Great gesture, especially the personal message
  • edited December 2016
    What does he mean by 'your ongoing struggle'?

    Apologies, I've never read Kyle's blog.

    edit: Just seen the sentence at the bottom of Louis post. JJ, proper Charlton.
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  • Just wow ... superb
  • Feeling pretty disconnected from the club at the moment, but that's just nudged me a bit back the other way.
    His legs might not be there but his heart surely is. Well done JJ.
  • Legend. Fact.
  • Well done JJ. super gesture.

    Kyle all Charlton fans will be hoping you make a full recovery and soon.
  • He really is an absolute hero.
  • Legend, I fear the day is looming he will leave our club and it's gutting.

    I would like to think they will keep him around in some player coach role
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  • Have such respect - keep eating the prunes JJ
  • You cant buy class, but then we know that with the current owners.
    JJ is top draw, I do hope he can hang around the cloob until it becomes our Club again, and then work in a coaching capacity.
  • Love Jacko to bits. Yes
  • Jackson is a lovely man and this wonderful present will mean a lot .. keep it up John ..

    my wish for a CAFC Christmas present ? .. a pacey, mobile, goal scoring, chance making, hard tackling young English midfielder
  • One constant positive over the past few years has been that man. Club legend, no doubt.
  • Classy thing to do though things must be worse at the club than I'd realised, there's no paper left to write a note on. I wonder if he made a spelling mistake on any previous versions and had to screw them up and throw them in the bin ?
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