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  • State of that pitch!
  • What was the occasion? Big crowd in.
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    Uboat said:

    What was the occasion? Big crowd in.

    We were top and I think Chesterfield were third. Derby's game was postponed and a few of them came down to create some grief in the home end.

    When the local Old Bill decided to escort them to safety amongst the away fans -fairly sure there was almost 2,000 of us - they hadn't counted on the Charlton fans not being as welcoming as they expected.

    Seeing a couple of Derby fans jumping over the wall at the back of the terrace, which had a 20ft drop sticks in my mind. Think I've still got a Derby scarf up in my loft from that game.

    Crowd was 8,800 ish from memory.

  • Funny I was thinking of our first visit to the new ground today during our last time at this level.

    Comprehensive 4 0 away win on a Tuesday night. I doubt we will see anything like that this season.
  • State of that pitch!

    That was nothing: Upton Park and the Baseball Ground.

  • From memory, I think there were some bemused Sheffield Weds fans in with us too - memory might be playing me on that but I'll never forget Killers strike that day.
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