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Duchatelet and Meire are incompetent numpties.

In my opinion.

By any measure you choose to use Charlton are worse off since their assumption of ownership and appointment as CEO.
That's all really.


  • Controversial!
  • vffvff
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    The SMT wants to limit dissent & Pitch want to sell a different narrative. It is good that the actual story of the abject failure regarding the club and the key aspect of what is going on, on the pitch is restated.

    I believe that things can be better & the only way that is going to happen is a future that is without Duchatelet & Meire.
  • Blimey, that's harsh.
  • masicat said:

    Blimey, that's harsh.

    I believe he means they are incompetent at being numpties

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    This is what they have managed to do, taken from Twitter-:

    CAFC Facts & Stats ‏@CafcFacts 18m18 minutes ago
    The East Stand was officially opened 2/4/94 v Southend. Yesterday was the emptiest it has been for a #cafc league fixture.

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    Opinions are allowed unless they are racist or offensive. So in my opinion the club is in a self destructive cycle, which is backed up by all the important numbers such as attendances and league position.
  • It's all been said before, they haven't got a clue.
    In fact, they both give village idiots a bad name.

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  • They need drumming out of the Village Idiots Society. They are damaging the reputation of village idiots.

    Whoever is viewing this thread... you know who i mean by "they"?
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