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Andy Hunt

Good to see Andy Hunt there today, he must have been shocked at how bad things have got.


  • Why was here there?
  • Can't you edit anything whilst on your phone.
  • The blokes a legend.

    Of course he would be in the know prior to attending, about the protests etc.

    I actually feel embarrassed.

    Embarrassed by the thought of our decent ex pros witnessing what it now is.
  • Martin Robinson was there as well.
  • My hearing's not the best, and I couldn't hear a word from Andy Hunt - what was he saying?
    He was one of my favourites in that 99/00 season. Bloody hell that was a long time ago.
  • All I could here was the excited club man followed by muffled talking.
    I was left wondering what Andy Hunt thought of his visit to the Valley and also why did he bother.
  • I would think that when Andy Hunt or any other player from the curbs era comes to the valley nowadays that they can only shake their head at how far we have fallen
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  • iainment said:

    Why was here there?

    Some of you might recall that I had stayed at his place earlier this year, and he'd mentioned that he'd taken his boys back to West Brom last year. He'd hoped to make it back to The Valley some day, and I said I was sure the club would love to see him back there.

    For sure it was as low-key a day as you could possibly imagine, but I think he enjoyed the day nonetheless. When you're on a 2-month holiday you have time for these things!

    His interview from Saturday, What a signing he was.
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    His interview from Saturday, What a signing he was.

    I just had a comment removed from the youtube page. I feel honoured.
  • Good interview and article with him in VOTV a few weeks back.
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