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Trick Or Treat?

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Just seen something that has really riled me up. Currently sitting in Nandos in Lewisham, only to be confronted by 2 unattended children in Halloween costumes, shoving pumpkin shaped baskets at people saying "trick or treat".

Who the hell has sweets with them in a restaurant?

No-one does, so it's clear they're after money

Where are the parents?

Lurking outside, smoking a cigarette, peering through the window to see if the con is working.

In my eyes this is begging, of the very worst kind. For want of a better word, the pikey mother outside is proper scum of the earth, exploiting her own kids and trying to use what is meant to be a fun holiday to gain money off unsuspecting people.

Going door to door is acceptable, but in a restaurant, on a Saturday night, that's just despicable.


  • But actually, serious reply. 2 boys were on my train earlier today in costumes going up & down carriages.
  • Oooo! he said the P word..
  • The pastey looking wing roulette that you know has no spice to it should be going straight in their bucket
  • Oooo! he said the P word..

  • Surprised they didnt pinch your drinks!!
  • Are you sure the kids were not in Nando's handing money out :smile:
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  • It's rude to use your phone at the table. :wink:

    Maybe it's Alan McCormack?
  • Hate trick or treat. Just not going to answer the door tonight. Scrooge lives.
  • It's rude to use your phone at the table. :wink:

    Haha actually waited for the missus to "powder her nose" to put this up. One lady behind us went to the manager and complained, he asked the kids where their parents were and they just walked out. She then proceeded to drag them along the pavement towards the station. Honestly I was so shocked by it, I immediately thought to post it on here
  • Bloody Americanisation of our Yoof!.
  • Strangely quiet on trick or treat round by us this evening.

    Had no people round.

    Normally very busy these few roads.
  • Oooo! he said the P word..

    Call the police. They need a twelfth man at Eltham Police station week after next.
  • Maybe. That's what the lad is hoping anyway,

    he wanted to head out in his zombie suit with the dogs wearing parts of his Dracula costume from a couple of years ago.
  • Nothing wrong with trick or treat - but it is Monday night.

    Try a sign that says "sod off all trick and treaters". Then place outside door of your most annoying neighbour.

    Cook some brussel sprouts, dip in chocolate to give out to any that are far too old to take part or can't even bother to put a mask on.

    Buy a few treats for the young kids that are out on a real adventure.

    Turn off your lights when you run out as most know that this is the sign that you do not want anyone knocking on your door, or just hang a note out.

    I think that is about the right balance between trick and treat!
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  • I'm hollowing out my pumpkins tonight ready to display them for TorT on Monday night only.

    If anyone knocks tonight then I'll tell them to come back on Monday.
  • That was Lewisham. Have you heard about the Charlton version? It's called Trick or Trick.
  • Halloween is the 31st October. That's all really.
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    I think the general rule that is accepted by decent people is that if your property does not display any sort of Halloween decoration then people will not call.
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    Only had 2 lads knock last night...

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  • My dear departed Dad had the best response. When the kids shouted out 'trick or treat', he'd ask for a treat.
  • Addickted said:

    I'm ready for Monday night.


    So is Katrien....

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  • BR3red said:

    Addickted said:

    I'm ready for Monday night.


    So is Katrien....

    Piss of squirrel
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