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Roland and Katrien: congratulations on a year of stability

edited October 2016 in General Charlton
Today is a very special day in the history of Charlton Athletic under the tenure of RD and KM. For the first time since buying the club, RD can, today, point to a record of having only sacked one manager in the last year. Never before have RD and KM been able to say they have sacked so few managers in a 12-month period at Charlton.

In the space of the past year, we have dropped 20 places in the football ladder; been relegated and knocked out of the FA Cup; sold all of our goalkeepers and both of our midfielders; lost any remaining credibility, 45% of season ticket holders and several sponsors; and ended up with an imbalanced squad, managed by a conspicuously trophy-free coach.

But, I am sure Katrien will be able to point out how this new stability can only be described as "a complete success". After all, a year ago, we were in the relegation zone. And now, we are a whole two points clear of the relegation zone. So: congratulations Roland. Well done Katrien.

Now, please go.


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Roland Out!