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Plugging my local film club

Anyone who likes a bit of local cinema and is around the Sydenham area, get along to this showing of Superbob, filmed on location in Peckham:


  • do you need to / how do you book for this? @AddicksAddict
  • Latest offering at the Sydenham Film Club - a double bill, so that's two films for the price of one, and that price is a very reasonable £5:
  • Thursday, 15th December, film-based pub quiz and 50m film:
  • Thursday 25th May.

    This is a really good film, I saw it at a the BFI festival a little while ago.
  • Today - Gloria is a great film and although I've seen it twice I'm going to watch it again.
  • Is Tony Watt a member?
  • This month's film:

    One for the Road

    The twelve year relationship and marriage of a young couple: the love, the excitement, the boredom, the turbulences, all mixed-up in flashbacks, jump-cuts and flash-forwards. The mosaic of a powerful, emotional and tumultuous relationship, under the summer European sun.
    Our final screening for this season (no film in August) is an incredibly stylish, sexy and revolutionary in technique for its time, film directed by Stanley Donen, featuring the absolutely stunning music score by Henry Mancini and starring the forever glamorous Audrey Hepburn and the incredibly talented (and gorgeous!) Albert Finney. A 60s classic, a beautifully summery film, not to be missed!

    Where: The Grove Centre, 2 Jews Walk, Sydenham SE26 6PL
    When: 7.30pm Thursday 27th July
    Tickets: £5 on the door

    “…a clear-eyed, openhearted, and ultimately open-ended portrait of a marriage.(…) Put together, the pieces make up a shared life. They might even make up love.” Keith Phipps, AV Club

    ★ ★ ★ ★ “Despite its visual trickery, it’s one of the most emotionally honest films ever made in America.” Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

    ★ ★ ★ ★ “With Two for the Road… Donen took a romantic comedy and deconstructed it, using the nonlinear structure and jump cuts that were being popularised at the time by the French new wave.” Wendy Ide, The Times UK

    We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 27th July at 7:30pm at The Grove Centre, 2 Jews Walk, Sydenham SE26 6PL
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