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FC Carl Zeiss Jena 2016-2017

Earlier this afternoon FCC won match 7 by 3-0 at home to Berliner AK 07. No match report available as yet.

Now P7 W7 D0 L0 GF18 GA1 GD17 Pts21 Five points clear at the top of Regionalliga [4th tier] section Nord Ost.


  • Match report now available. FCC 3 (Bock 11, Eckardt 46, Starke 90) Berliner AK 07 0. Att: 3137

    FCC 1/18 7 7 0 0 +18 21
    STVV 11/16 7 2 1 4 -2 7
    CAFC 14/24 7 2 3 2 +1 9
    UJP 6/12 9 4 1 4 +1 13
    ALC 17/22 5 1 2 2 -3 5

    Is it worth it, Mr D ?

  • Earlier this evening FCC played away at the team currently 2nd - they continued their brilliant form and beat Hertha Berlin Reserves 3-0 !! FCC are now eight points clear at the top.

    Match-day 8
    P8 W8 D0 L0 F22 A1 GD21+ Pts24

    Overshadowed, no doubt, by all the off-field shenanigans. You really are a class act, Mr D.
  • Can they get promoted, or is it a contrived league system whereby only one or two if the league winners can go up from all the regional winners?
  • sam3110 said:

    Can they get promoted, or is it a contrived league system whereby only one or two if the league winners can go up from all the regional winners?

    You are correct.

    The North East German Football Association league system is the regional association league system in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia and starts at level 4 of the German league system with the Regionalliga Nordost on top. The champions enter a promotion playoff along with the winners of the four other Regionalliga divisions and the Regionalliga Südwest runner-up for three promotions to the 3. Liga. Wikipedia

    But both the abominable RB Leipzig managed it, and surely RD thinks of himself as a superior businessman to the clowns who have created Red Bull.

  • Matchday 8
    Hertha Berlin II 0-3 FC Carl Zeiss Jena
    Starke 52'
    Thiele 74'
    Thiele 79'
    Att: 1117, of which approx 500 had travelled the 150 miles from Jena to Berlin

    Match report available on the FCC website

    Next match Thurs 29 Sep home to Energie Cottbus

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    Matchday 9 (played Thursday teatime on police instructions - too many other events at the weekend)

    FC Carl Zeiss Jena 0-0 Energie Cottbus Att : 4403

    First points dropped this season. FCC are 9 points clear, at least until the other week 9 fixtures are played.

    Pos 1/18 P9 W8 D1 L0 F22 A1 GD21+ Pts25

    Match report now available on FCC website

    Next match away to FSV63 Luckenwalde on 15 Oct

  • Matchday 10

    This afternoon FSV63 Luckenwalde 0-1 FCC Att : 1037 (350 away)

    Manfred Starke 73'

    P10 W9 D1 L0 F23 A1 GD22+ Pts28 Until this weekend's other matches played, FCC 11 points clear.

    Match report now on FCC website

    Next match home to FSV Wacker Nordhausen 23 Oct
  • I suppose that there is a danger that, if they go up, this will be seen as vindication of RD's methods.

    I just did a check on Soccerway, which says they have changed just 4 players during the summer, 4 in and 4 out. 2 of the 3 have had 3 starts between them the other 2 have 6 and 9 starts. The guy with 6 starts, Thiele, came all the way from Burton Albion and has scored 5 in 8 apps in total. (Those stats may be before the game against Luckenwalde.)

    The other major change, of course, has been the replacement of the head coach, Uluc, whom RD forced out, by Mark Zimmermann, who will presumably be getting a lot of the credit. He is a former asst coach and U19 coach at FCC, who predates RD's involvement by many years. In fact, he's been there as player and coach, apart from a playing gap of about 6 years, since 1992, so you would hardly think he is one of RD's stooges. Wiki here:
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    Matchday 11

    This afternoon FCC 0-0 Wacker Nordhausen

    P11 W9 D2 L0 F23 A1 GD22+ Pts29

    Att: 4527

    Only 7 points clear at the top now

    Match report now available on FCC OS and YouTube

    Next match away to Oberlausitz 30 Oct
  • Decent attendance. They will be overtaking us soon..
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    Matchday 12

    FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf 0-1 FCC attn : 891 (approx 300 FCC)

    Maximilian Wolfram 86 min. Match report now available on FCC OS

    Match highlights

    FCC P12 W10 D2 L0 F24 A1 GD23+ Pts32

    FCC's remarkable run continues, thanks to their astonishing defensive record

    Bonus irrelevant fact nr 1 - Top-tier Darmstadt lost away in the Cup this week to the splendidly-named 4th-tier FC Astoria Walldorf

    Bonus irrelevant fact nr 2 - Reza has started all 11 of Heerenveen's matches, and today away to table-toppers Feyenoord he scored his fourth of the season

  • Playing the phoenix club, Lokomotive Leipzig today (0-0 at half-time) - that's another name with a lot of European competition history to it from the DDR days. When the club was reformed in 2004, they had to play in the 11th tier at first (got a gate of 12,000 in tier 11), but merged with another club to get a free ticket to tier 7 (all according to wiki).

  • Yes, FCC's preview of the Lok game reminisces about the old days. There is tremendous loyalty to the clubs and respect for the exploits of the past. Maybe that's why. at least in part, FCC spend way beyond their means - they feel they're owed the chance to recapture former glories.
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    Three goals in last 10 mins to FCC.

    While sympathising with how the fans feel about it, I suppose that, in both cases, the glories of the past owed at least something to state help of a kind that couldn't happen today...

    ...Unless you're in England and you make a donation to the Party, of course.
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    Yes, the remarkable run continues ....

    Matchday 13

    FCC 3-0 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig

    Starke 85
    Buval 88 and 90

    P13 W11 D2 L0 F27 A1 GD26+ Pts35 Pos1/18 - 8 points clear

    Att: 5704 !!

    Match report now available on FCC OS

  • Hmm I am not sure about the loyalty to Lokomotiv Leipzig, given that 35,000 or so happily hitched themselves to the RB Leipzig corporate bandwagon. Still, looking good for FCC.
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    Hmm I am not sure about the loyalty to Lokomotiv Leipzig, given that 35,000 or so happily hitched themselves to the RB Leipzig corporate bandwagon. Still, looking good for FCC.

    Maybe the numbers are not there, but no doubt the diehards are as stalwart as ever. Lok's last two home games saw 1900 and 2900 fans respectively. I don't know the attendances of BSG Chemie Leipzig in the Oberliga (fifth tier) but judging by some of their stuff on YouTube there's no shortage of enthusiasm. Of course RB Leipzig are generally reviled for their Red Bull connection but in today's game against Mainz they certainly produced an attractive brand of football, worthy in its own right.

    Down the road the fanatics of Dynamo Dresden can really put on a show. Three weeks ago Dynamo battered high-flying Stuttgart 5-0 - a sold out 32000 crowd I think just simply terrified the visitors into submission !!

    Today's GDR Greatest Hits at Jena drew no fewer than 5704 = clearly nostalgia pays !!
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    Lok have mostly been getting home gates of about 3,000 this season, but over 5,000 for one derby game. No doubt they could do better than that, if they were top of the table.

    Every week, the (apparently British) commentators on the Bundesliga Highlights show refer to RBL's start this season as a "fairy tale". Soccerway, which usually seems to be at least in the right ball park with these figures, says their spending on transfer fees (in euros) has been:

    45 million 2016 (tier 2/tier 1)
    24 million 2015 (tier 2)
    10 million 2014 (tier 3/tier 2)
    (150k in tier 4/tier 3 the year before)

    ...with transfer fees received in during the same period = 750k. Most of the players they've bought for 2 million plus are still in the squad, with a few out on loan.

  • No league action for FCC this weekend. The opportunity was taken to play a friendly away against Hannover 96, and around 40 Jena-ites were amongst the 850 present to witness a comfortable 4-0 home win. Match report now available on FCC OS.

    FCC's choice of opponent was partly to test their all-conquering team against the sterner challenge of the team currently 4th in 2.Bundesliga. It was also because 10th Nov marked the 7th anniversary of the tragic suicide of goalkeeper Robert Enke who played for both clubs as well as the national XI - all match proceeds went to The Robert Enke Foundation. R.I.P.
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    Match-day 14 - and finally the wheels fall off ....

    RB Leipzig II 3-0 FCC Att: 2242, of which an impressive 1200 from Jena

    Now only five points clear and GD a mere 23+

    P14 W11 D2 L1 GF27 GA4 GD23+ Pts 35

    Match report now available of FCC OS

    Next match: 27 Nov home to Schönberg
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  • Played the horrid Red Bull scums reserve team
  • The local German FA has formally decided that RD is not in breach of the 50 + 1 rule at Jena. Google translate:

    The Northeast German Football Association (NOFV) sees no breach of the 50 + 1 rule at FC Carl Zeiss Jena.

    "The review has shown that there is no further need for action in this respect", says the managing director of the association, Holger Fuchs. A check of the contracts and the submitted comments showed that the line-up in Jena "conforms to our regulations".

    At FC Carl Zeiss Jena, they are happy about the news from the Football Association from Berlin. "The decision is as expected," says Managing Director Chris Förster. (22/11/16)
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    Match-day 15

    This afternoon at home to FC Schönberg 95 FCC won 2-0 - normal service resumed !!

    P15 W12 D2 L1 GF29 GA4 GD25+ Pts38 7 points clear - this guarantees FCC first place at the winter break, in other words the Autumn Championship.

    Bedi Buval 25'
    Maximilian Wolfram 72'

    Att: 2812 Match report available on FCC OS

    Next match Friday evening 2 Dec away to FC Viktoria Berlin, a nice alibi for travelling Jena-ites to enjoy a pre-Xmas weekend in the capital ....
  • What division do they get promoted to if they win ?
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    se9addick said:

    What division do they get promoted to if they win ?

    There is a play-off system to deal with first. There are five regional leagues in the fourth tier but only three promotion places available. The Bundesliga 3rd Division is a national league, and within its ranks lie Rot-Weiß Erfurt, FCC's near neighbours and hated rivals.
  • Drew 2-2 at Viktoria Berlin after being 0-2 down. Lead now merely 6 pts.

    1 Carl Zeiss Jena 16 39 +25
    2 Berlin AK 07 16 33 +11
    3 Energie Cottbus 16 32 +16
    4 Berliner FC Dynamo 16 26 +13
  • Drew 2-2 at Viktoria Berlin after being 0-2 down. Lead now merely 6 pts.

    1 Carl Zeiss Jena 16 39 +25
    2 Berlin AK 07 16 33 +11
    3 Energie Cottbus 16 32 +16
    4 Berliner FC Dynamo 16 26 +13

    Thanks, MP. Inattention on my part.

    Drew 2-2 after trailing 2-0. Goals from Florian Dietz 69' and 84' penalty from Manfred Starke, his 9th goal of the season.

    Att: 988, of which approx 400 were Jenaers. The floodlights went out during the half-time interval due to a blown fuse, and after an hour's delay the game was within a couple of minutes of being abandoned, under the appropriate rule, when the stadium sparks got the power restored.
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    Matchday 17

    FCC 2-0 BFC Dynamo Att : 4106

    Bedi Buval 26'
    Manfred Starke 76'

    P17 W13 D3 L1 GF33 GA6 GD27+ Pts42 Pos 1 (7 points clear)

    Next game 17 Dec home to ZFC Meuselwitz - this is the last game before the winter break

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    FCC's Autumn season brought to an untimely end. Today's final match of the season's first half was postponed until some time in the New Year. For a 13.30 kick-off the game was called off at 12.45 - with people already in the stadium - because of icy pitch conditions. Both coaches agreed with the decision, saying that the risk to the players was unacceptable.

    Report -

    Next match in seven weeks' time.
  • Lost at home 1-2 yesterday to 13th place Meuselwitz, their lead at the top cut to 4 pts.

    1 Carl Zeiss Jena 18 13 3 2 34 8 +26 42
    2 Energie Cottbus 18 11 5 2 29 10 +19 38
    3 BAK '07 17 10 3 4 30 21 +9 33

    16 games to go; only the league champions go into the inter-regional play-offs.
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