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Cyril "Squib" Hammond RIP

The club were saddened to hear of the passing of former player Cyril Hammond at the age of 88 on Saturday. #cafc

Sad news.

On mobile so couldn't find the other thread on Squib from last year.


  • Sad news. RIP.
  • He must have been our oldest surviving ex player, unless anyone knows different.
  • Nice man and quality player . RIP.
  • He must have been our oldest surviving ex player, unless anyone knows different.

    Arthur Turner from the 1946 cup team?
  • RIP, He was a regular in the team when I started watching Charlton, very good player
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  • Saw Squib start his career at the Valley -upright midfielder - solid, reliable , hugely industrious , seemed happier to avoid the limelight - played with and against some illustrious footballers of the late 50's and 60's. Think Squib probably ended his career with Colchester - saw him play for Colchester at Highbury in the FA Cup - by then he had probably worn his legs out , but as ever he was putting in the tackles and just looking class.
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    Shocked. One of my old time favourites. Player from the "old school". Saw him play many times and he was "Kinsella like" on the field. Played in a solid, hard-working team which was a pleasure to watch and support. RIP Squib. Never forgotten.
  • Sorry for your loss @Marvin and RIP Squib.
  • Sorry for your loss @Marvin

    As a trustee of the Charlton Athletic Museum I like to talk to you about getting copies/photographs of items you have but when you feel the time is right.

    I'm going to the museum on Saturday to check what items we already have.
  • Had a look in the museum today.

    Found some photos and programmes but I think this, Squib's record from the club index is something people won't have seen before

  • Other side of card

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    Proud to welcome Squib's son to the museum today.

    He gave us a disc with copies of various articles as well as some original photos.

    He was asking about the tour of south America and we were able to show him the notes from these and as well as some of Jimmy Seed's comments in his dad (all favourable).

    He had some good stories about Jimmy Seed, his dad's love of playing and why his dad would have loved to have played against David Beckham.


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    Squib (left) with Derek Ufton
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    Squib in Action

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