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Tour of Britain


  • Jack Bauer and it didn't take 24hrs.
  • Pleased for him - had an awful injury and glad he's got back into form. Always have a soft spot for him after being so close to a solo win at Nimes a couple of years back in the tour.
  • Great finish
  • Very enjoyable week, some very good UK talent on view. We have a positive future.

    Alaphilippe deserved the win, definitely a serious Grand Tour contender over the next few years.
  • Bugger, that'll teach me to record these things rather than watch them live.
  • Stig said:

    Bugger, that'll teach me to record these things rather than watch them live.

    Shouldn’t have opened the thread :wink:
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    I cycled up to town to watch it this afternoon. Splendid views.
    Ethan Hayter of Herne Hill Velodrome-based VC Londres did well.
    The mechanics' lorries and riders' team buses were parked on Pall Mall. Several team vehicles traveled along the Sidcup Road this evening en route to their European bases. The Quick Step bus had a picture of a beaming Julian Alaphilippe on the side.
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    I know its a pretty flat region (the North Downs aren't as challenging as the likes of Wales, the Peaks or Lakes yet be nice to see the Tour of Britain doing the TdF route from 2007 where they went down to Canterbury

    Does feel a bit as though the South East gets ignored by this despite the final stage being in London
  • Good to see Geraint Thomas staying with SKY though

    Think its the sensible decision from him to be honest, yes he could go to another team yet as I've said before, I dont believe that any team will beat SKY at the Tour until the likes of AG2r | Michellen-Scott | Team Sunweb | BMC do a deal and gang up on them
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