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Snooker player Paul Hunter dies of cancer

at just 27. Awful.


  • Such a shame. RIP.

    Personally, I've had so many people I know diagnosed with/fighting cancer recently, and one person close to me passed away last year from cancer. Truly awful way to go.
  • terrible news and it certainly makes you put alot of things into perspective
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    Was genuinely shocked when i saw it on SSN last night, made me feel sick. 27 is far too young.

    The fact that he came back last year and actually played a few tournaments made me think that he had got threw the worst of it.

    Condolences to his wife, 10 month old daughter and all those connected to him.

    RIP Paul.
  • A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer last week, it has already metasised into her lungs...

    RIP Paul Hunter.
  • Very sad indeed.

    On top of everything else he was actually a pretty decent player too, with possibly a big future in the game ahead of him before he was diagnosed. It took great courage for him to come back last year. Like WSS, I thought he had got through it and couldn't believe it when I saw it in the paper this morning. A sobering thought.

  • This was going to be my first post of the morning.

    Very sad news, cancer is a horrible disease, i have seen what it can do to people, and its mainly good people who get it. My condolences go to his wife and baby, not to mention his parents.

    RIP Paul.
  • Very sad.

  • Why so young?

  • RIP, a shame a very talented snooker player who never really got the chance to fulfill the potential he had. Best wishes to the family he left behind.
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  • Lillian Board once Britain's best female athlete died 1970 aged 22, David Roscastle excellent Arsenal midfielder died in his early 30s, Sam Doble England Rugby Union full back died in his early thirties, Johnny Summers, Charlton legend died aged 34.

    They are just those that have come to mind.

    Cancer is a cruel, cruel disease.
  • What a waste of a young life and talent.

    From a Motown song that slips my mind....."it seems the good die young"
  • 12 years ago today we lost this great player and all round nice guy.
    R.I.P Paul
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    No age at all. Condolences to his wife, daughter and family.
  • RIP Paul Hunter x
    was a true character and a cracking player, would have still been about now with the likes of Higgins/ROS/ Williams, probably a couple of World titles too
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    I must admit John the player that first come to mind was Ebdon. I knew there was something about Paul Hunter's hair so until I saw the photo I remembered Ebdon with his ponytail.
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    He died far too young
  • Far too young. So sad. R.I.P. Paul. Dreadful disease.
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  • Can’t believe it’s 12 years already. RIP Paul :-(
  • Very sad RIP
  • I worked with his auntie when he was ill, it was a horrible time :-(
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