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Chilcott enquiry

Due out this morning, but seems not to have caught the public imagination. Must be a good few volumes as it cost millions and has taken 7 years.
No doubt it will be an establishment compromise, sadly.
As someone who who joined the march against the war, the pointless death, heartache and destruction was foreseeable and preventable. Someone should take responsibility. I doubt Chilcott will point the finger in enough detail.

Do I win £100 if this is a headline?
Chilcot says 'Saint Tony just doing his job but perhaps we need to think a bit or listen to the population before going to war again'


  • Funny how the Americans will be trying to bury this by covering the Hillary email controversy- will the British press do the same?
  • The chilcott report will be longer than war and peace,the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare put together. It cost well over £10 million to produce and took longer than the war itself!.....and will come to nothing!

    We are a barmy nation. I bet the Eurocrats are glad they got shot of us.
  • 2.5 million words in the report
  • E-cafc said:

    2.5 million words in the report

    If you gave me a pound for each word, I could buy JBG
  • I'm still on the first chapter...
  • It sounds like it points the finger quite carefully and precisely at Tony and George.
  • While hovering for a while in the UK over Straw.
  • I hope Blair gets prosecuted - vile egotistical leader whose poor decision cost numerous lives. The man is an arrogant coward who has to be held to account.
  • The report sounds at first report as though it's not a whitewash, Blair and Bush are blamed .. however, as Cameron has pointed out, the report is not a legal investigation for the prosecution, any legal action (extremely unlikely) will need to be taken along another route.
    Consolation might be that Blair may well (we hope) lose his ultra lucrative speaking and 'independent ambassadorial' roles .. he'll still have his millions and multiple high grade properties though
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  • How long has Blair had to take acting lessons---very moving,I'm sure.
    He is and always has been a complete fraud.
  • I actually think he was right to act.
  • *Chilcot
  • Redrobo said:

    I actually think he was right to act.

    As in act during his press conference just shown on the news?
  • ''The shambles of Britain's military equipment revealed: Government failed to act after soldiers were killed in 'mobile coffin' Land Rovers by IEDs, Chilcot finds
    Chilcot singled out poor equipment and inadequate protection of troops
    He found MoD was 'slow' in responding to casualties from roadside bombs
    Report criticised delays in providing more robust patrol vehicles to troops
    Instead soldiers were stuck in 'snatch' Land Rovers dubbed 'mobile coffins'
    Lack of helicopters and concerns over body armour also highlighted''
    Still, at least public spending never got cut.

    Bliar = arsehole.
    And all the ''lifelong labour'' gang remain quiet.
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    Long report today by a professor at the Australian National University says

    Chilcot. "Systematically and comprehensively demolishes Tony Blair's sham justifications for embroiling the UK in the most disasterous war of the modern era.
    Those responsible should be brought to account instead of hiding behind the lie that good intentions at the time trump the consequences that followed.

    Incomplete intelligence was cynically exploited to fit Blair and his advisors political agenda.

    The lack of a post invasion strategy was even more criminal given the credible warnings of the grave humanitarian disaster that would follow.

    Chilcott said 'We do not agree that hindsight is required. The dangers were each explicitly identified to the Blair government before invasion'

    The reputational damage to the UN of Blair being the Middle East peace envoy would be hard to overstate, he should be treading the same path to The Hague as some of the African and Asian peers."

    Yesterday's forgotten news, sadly.
  • Wow!

    Chilcott speaks out today for the first time since his report.

    No doubt the £20 billion+ his wars cost the UK would pay for a few sweeteners post Brexit.


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