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Meires parents house visited

Last week 20 fans of Charlton Athletic peacefully leafleted the St Truiden home of the club's CEO Katrien Meire the totally inexperienced, unqualified and failing CEO of Charlton.

On the first visit the home of Charlton's absentee owner Roland Duchatelet and those of his neighbours were targeted. Sources close to Duchatelet, who has not watched a game at the Valley, home of Charlton Athletic, since October 2014 said that he was "incensed" by the unexpected but peaceful action.

Photographic evidence obtained by the group has now proven that they also correctly identified Katriens parents house in a town some 22 kilometres from St Truiden, and one of the group managed to have a short conversation with her father before handing over leaflets and posters outlining in Dutch the fans dismay in her performance along with Roland Duchatelet

Katrien and Roland have refused to meet with protesters or engage in any meaningful dialogue with fans.Given this, and considering the many broken promises given to Charlton supporters, the group of fans who travelled to Belgium feel that her home is a legitimate target. A spokesman said "We will continue to travel over to Belgium and take protests to both Roland and Katrien and their associates,businesses and family, and these protests will intensify both in Belgium and England until they sell up and leave the club”.

We continue to look for ways to explore and improve our visits to Belgium and any ideas or suggestions for future trips will be very well received.- anyone wishing to join us for a future visit should contact any of us via pm.


  • Legitimate targets indeed, well done to all involved.
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm
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  • SDAddick said:

    I hope the next time I'm rubbish at my job that someone doesn't call my parents...(although they'd probably tell you to get f*cked).

    Don't agree with this position, it seems personal and petty, but to each their own.

    You hope that the next time you are rubbish at you job that someone doesn't call your parents. Precisely!

  • anything that makes her pack up and leave is fine with me, nobody should be doing their job as badly as she is doing hers. no doubt this will get back to her and as long as her parents were not intimidated or abused i can't see too much wrong with that, just want to get all of this vermin out of our club.

    and yes i understand so does everybody and this action isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's fair enough.

    We should get your dad's opinion on this. We should target his bar to do so.

  • Going to her parents house sounds a bit awful on paper and massively OTT imo but...

    If they were just normal polite and simply explaining things on a nice sunny day then it's kind of harmless.

    May even help her parents to be aware that their daughter now has to protect herself with 3 bodyguards when just simply having a meal. Like mayor flipping quimby from the Simpsons.
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  • LoOkOuT said:

    Plot twist: Duchatelet is her father!

    Incest ewwww
    is that like "incensed" but doesn't smell as nice?
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    RanTooFar said:

    Peacefully leafleting is perfectly fine, well done. Be mindful in your choice of words ('targeting' the parents of).

    I agree with this.

    Whilst Duchetelet is the main villian here our CEO, as his puppet, appears to delight in treating the fans with disrespect and continues to belittle every protest made against the regimes appalling mismanagement of our club.

    She has helped, in no small way, to inflict great pain on us without showing any compassion or remorse. A peaceful visit to her parents home to deliver some leaflets makes an intrusion into her personal life which is minor compared to the huge personal intrusion she has made into ours by the callous way she has overseen the decline of our club.

    Whilst it is seen by some to be going too far, it could be the only way to get her attention.

    Let me make it clear, I do not support any form of harrassment of her parents. This one, peaceful visit might be a wake up call and get her (and her boss) to focus on their responsibilities as interim stewards of our club.

    It's about time she took the role of CEO far more seriously and work a lot harder to rebuild the reputation and pride of our club the regime has eroded over a little more than 2 years.

  • If a group of strangers approached my elderly parents at their home without an invitation, on the grounds that I was doing a crap job at work, I would have a very serious sense of humour failure.

    Sorry this is brainless and totally unacceptable. It is also counter-productive because it plays into the narrative of 'Ms. Meire, the vulnerable female victim doing her best in a man's world'.


    I was obviously not present so can't describe how things went down but it just sounds very foolish for quite a few reasons.

    I hate it.

    Meire is her own worst enemy. It's a bit annoying that's she's making a load of money on the back of doing a very bad job, but that's the reality. She's lucky for now but more or less in the end, everyone ends up where they deserve. She won't be a big shot in 10 years that's a fact. I don't care either way though.

    Simply ignoring the woman and pretending she doesn't exist is probably a better way of getting to her as the current attention, whether good or bad, still means something.

    I don't take her seriously. You couldn't force me into a conversation with her. She would be an irrelevance in whatever environment.

    Don't stoop so low.

    As a fanbase, charlton is a proud club to support and there is more of a level of dignity and integrity about us then what going Meires parents house suggests.

    Keep it that way

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Roland Out!