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Expectations for next season

My expectations couldn't get much lower - with KM as CEO anything is possible. If we start the season with a points deduction for the pitch invasions then we have to be serious relegation candidates.
Think anger might turn to apathy and it could be a case of spot the crowd by the end of the season. Not sure how KM will manage fan expectations if we fall to L2.


  • I'm expecting mid table mediocrity.
  • Essex_Al said:

    Automatic promotion, nothing less!

    With a record points total!
  • 11th place finish. Fans demoralised. Small crowds. Not much protesting because everyone has boycotted matches. Before slowly sliding down another league in a few years time. Happy Wednesday.
  • 20th place, 3 Head coaches, 29 players and true crowds of 9000.
  • For me , "on the pitch" issues and performances are the last thing on my mind when it comes to Charlton ...
    Supporting Charlton is about getting rid of this s**t regime for the foreseeable future - as opposed to promotions etc
  • Expect nothing. That way I won't be depressed when our glorious leader drags us with a whimper into league 2. They think the Championship was difficult wait until our team get clogged into submission in League One.
  • I expect it to be abject.


    If the carry on regardless regime want my expectation of them it would be 55 or 56 points by the end of January, third round of the cup minimum. fourth round of the league cup, and then to get to the final of the JTP (and to lose it), and then to win the league by mid April with an undefeated at home record.
    I would expect to have the leagues top goal scorer, another player in the top five goalscorers, and for five of our players to be in the PFA team of the season.

    I would also expect the regime to announce that all season ticket holders, plus all who buy half season tickets, will be given a free season ticket for the following season.
  • Like Blackpool... only worse.
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  • 18th place finish
  • We got outplayed and smashed by colchester, albeit with a clown as manager. They'll be playing their football in league2 next season. If that was signs to come with this team then we really are introuble
  • I'm not saying anything as I don’t want to build up expectations. We will have one of the top six budgets in League One though.
  • Stig said:

    I'm not saying anything as I don’t want to build up expectations. We will have one of the top six budgets in League One though.

    Doesn't mean we will be spending any of it though :smile:
  • 16th. 2 managers.
  • edited May 2016
    If we manage to keep hold of Kashi and he stays fit I think in spite of everything going on we could be on for a top half finish down to his influence alone on the pitch but not enough for the play offs. We'd need a 20+ goal striker to push for the top six and none of the lot we'll end up keeping won't do it nor will anyone else brought in.

    That said take Kashi out of the equation and the whole house could easily come crashing down.
  • I am seriously expecting back to back relegations(see Blackpool) unless RD does decide to break his own deluded rules of how to run a football club.
  • Day out at Wembley
  • sam3110 said:

    Day out at Wembley

    Who will you be watching??? :wink:
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  • relegation
  • 17th or 18th
  • Scrapping to avoid relegation - that low enough expectations to meet katrien?
  • We will finish 15th.
  • sam3110 said:

    Day out at Wembley

    Who will you be watching??? :wink:
    Charlton vs Sheffield United, who finally come good.
  • Might scrape a mid-table finish, though I doubt it, I think we'll be lucky to avoid relegation.
  • I have very low expectations, if Duchatelet doesn't sell & Meire is still CEO, things don't look good.

    No one decent is going to work under the conditions that Duchatelet imposes on his staff and the likelihood that he will overrule and undermine professionals. Lennie Lawrence is not going to return to Charlton because of that.

    There is no chief scout, apparent change of head coach, no chief of security, no head of communications, no clear direction or plan for the new season.

    Best players sold. A mixture of youngsters, old lags and the poorer players Duchatelet can't move on. Another thin squad ill prepared for the demands of the season. Charlton will do well to be mid table.

    More clueless decisions and running of the club with greater distance between supporters and the club.

    A possible new low will be losing to Accrington Stanley who currently have the lowest budget in the league.

    14th to 20th depending on how badly Duchatelet strips the squad of quality and experience.
  • To finally make it to Rochdale after my previous attempts
  • Mid-table next season, relegation the season after if there's no change in ownership.....slow death, although I'd suggest it's pretty quick and painful at the moment.
  • New owners.
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