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midget car racing at the valley

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  • Might mention this to my boss. He's only 5ft 2" and loves motor racing.
  • I was expecting to see a picture of Chris Solly getting out of one of these midget cars...
  • I refuse to stoop to the level of others on here!!
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    This will give Katrien ideas. Half time dwarf throwing next season?
  • I noticed the 'dress code' was rather middle class, white shirts and jackets, not 'flat caps' combo's like the great majority in those days at a football match. Also an amazing size crowd . I wonder if you could do this now days. Looks great fun. I wonder if this was in the days of the Charlton Greyhound stadium on the bottom road ?. I do love these old photos.
  • Cars of diminished stature, surely....
  • Is that where Bernie Ecclestone started?
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    Might be the same next season.

  • Chris Solly's next career move.
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  • How did they reach the peddles?
  • ...or get up on the podium even mores the point?
  • What year? i see the North Stand roof repair so i am guessing late 40's?
  • Are we talking midget cars with normal size people? Or normal size cars with midgets driving? Or midget cars with midgets driving?
  • Bet that did the pitch a lot of good.
  • Bet that did the pitch a lot of good.

    Big crowd though!
  • That is well bellow the belt, how could you stoop so low
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    I've heard that motorised sofa racing is very much on the cards.

  • Here's one

  • Someone decided to replace the cars with a camel. Genius.

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