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Dortmund v Liverpool

Unbelievable atmosphere before the game - you'll never walk alone was superb. would loved to have been in the crowd for that one.

Steve Mcmanaman had tears in his eyes - the big girls blouse.


  • BT Sport?
  • BT Sport?

    Yes mate.
  • Sky is pretty pointless now :(
  • Dortmund 4-2-3-1. Liverpool 4-5-1 to 4-3-3. Koppenberg looking to block up the central areas.

    I had the priviledge of standing on the old Kop a couple of times, notably a Merseyside derby in 1977, when the Kop held 23,500. The pre-match atmosphere was the nearest I've seen to the old Anfield in that era.
  • Football from the 1950's...charge the keeper!
  • 1-0 Liverpool. Origi with the goal.
  • Origi with a great chance to make it two-nil.

    Klopp obviously knows Dortmund well and has come up with a plan to stop them playing through the middle and then hitting them on the break. So far it's working well. Dortmund have caused problems on Liverpools right, where Clyne is getting caught square and in 2v1 situations, on account of Lallana being very poor defensively. Tuchal needs a new plan.
  • Good game good game.
  • 1-1 Hummels
  • For all the atmosphere before the game it all went flat. On this showing Dortmund are nothing special. They were robotic, with no flexibility in their play. Plan A was stifled by Liverpool using three central midfielders to block up the central areas and there was no Plan B. It looks like they can only play one way.
    It will be interesting to see if Klopp has a similar plan for the home leg.
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  • Very good performance by Liverpool - and the atmosphere for 'You'll never walk alone' was amazing. Watching tonight made me vow to go to a game at Dortmund.
  • Love to see Liverpool in the final. I have tickets for Basel :smile:
  • Sakho is the worst effective defender I've ever watched.
  • Best bit about last night is that henderson may miss the euros
  • I love a show tune. I wish Liverpool well in Europe. Other than that I cannot fucking stand them. I'm off to the things that annoy you thread...
  • Yeah hate them too.
  • Lollerpool
  • Ha ha another year without a trophy for the scousers
  • Dortmund are cutting through the Liverpool Central Midfield and straight onto the B4. Can & Milner are nowhere to be seen.
  • Ha ha another year without a trophy for the scousers

    Great club and a great away trip.
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  • Apr 66 - saw Dortmund beat West Ham 2-1 at UP in the Cup Winners Cup SF. Great club then and now.
  • LOLlana.

  • Apr 66 - saw Dortmund beat West Ham 2-1 at UP in the Cup Winners Cup SF. Great club then and now.

    Who, West Ham?
  • Lalana does himself no favours at this speed, can't handle it.

    Countinho error to allow the Dortmund break for the first goal.

    Liverpool a way off having any edge here.
  • As I've said many times before, Lallana is incredibly over rated
  • Milners in play crossing is class but soon as he takes a corner it's absolute toilet
  • Milner's corners are up to the usual standard!
  • Haha another shite corner but worked
  • 3-3 with just over 10 minutes to go.
  • Proper cup-tie now. NIce block by Lovren to get Sakho free on that corner.
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