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Karl Robinson

Karl Robinson said that Yaya Sanogo should be banned for the rest of the season for his elbow on Anthony Kay when he was sent off against them a few weeks ago. Against Wolves the other night Anthony Kay committed a career threatening tackle on Michael Zyro and has not apologised! I am waiting for Mr Robinson to say the same thing about his player!!!!


  • I'm still waiting for Antony Kay to apologise to Scott Wagstaff for the double tackle he did on him when we lost 1-0 up at Huddersfield when we won League One... He's a nasty player who deserved what he got from Sanogo!!
  • just as well that very few bother to watch them
  • I liked her on Points of View.
  • Not so good on the Weakest Link.
  • Not so good on the Weakest Link.

  • Just wished Sanogo had been banned for the rest of the season so I wouldn't had to witness such an inept display on tues night.
  • He didn't smack him very well as the bloke got straight back up!
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    TelMc32 said:

    Robinson is your standard rent-a-gob scouser. Best to ignore!

    and nows hes our bloody manager have to agree my thoughts havent changed :wink:
  • Karl Robinson currently on Channel 4
  • If we sign Antony Kay at any point can I be the first person to call Charlton bingo on the original post?
  • I wonder what Gobbo is thinking right we are almost in playoffs, Oxford mid/lower table.
    |ok, we all know we wouldnt be in play-offs with him but thats not how Mr Robinsons mind would work.
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    imageBrentmister general ( aka Karl Robinson aka Gobshite )
  • I know what he will say - I always thought they would make the play offs!!!!
  • I know what he will say - I always thought they would make the play offs!!!!

    Of course he will claim his team managed play offs under difficult circumstances. Thing is mate your just a poor man's Bowyer
  • The thing is, he was right that the team we good enough to make the play offs but Bowyer has shown that with the resources we had, we can change formation when one isn't working. This was what held him back - he was inflexible to an extreme point. He was responsible for bringing some good players in, but he wasn't going to take us up. There is a simple principle in life as well as football. If something isn't working and it becomes obvious it is never going to work, try something different. If that doesn't work, you have at least tried!
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