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Johan Cruyff RIP

Passed away at the age of 68.


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    The man that invented a turn used in GCSE P.E.

  • Blimey that's a shocker. Absolute star. RIP
  • That is a shock.

    RIP to a truly world class player.

    Fascinating life story too.
  • Bloody hell, this is a shock. Was he ill or is this a sudden death?

    RIP Johan, you knew how to entertain.
  • Jesus thats come out of the blue.

    RIP to a Legend
  • My absolute favourite player when I started bothering about footie. RIP
  • Bloody hell, this is a shock. Was he ill or is this a sudden death?

    RIP Johan, you knew how to entertain.

    Seems he had been battling cancer for sometime but I wasn't aware of that.
  • Strewth. Shocked.
  • Wasn't he a heavy smoker?
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  • Wasn't he a heavy smoker?

    All his life
  • Real shock. Truly World class, in fact in a class of his own. RIP.
  • Heard a while ago he had cancer. Still, no age at all. RIP.
  • One of my hero`s when a young teenager, how could he play the way he did and been a heavy smoker seems impossible these days. RIP.
  • Very sad, RIP

    He was diagnosed last autumn
  • RIP. Great chapter on his seismic influence on Barcelona in 'Fear and Loathing in La Liga'.
  • RIP - one of those true legends that even my kids know because of that famous turn.
  • RIP - fantastic footballer
  • What a player. RIP.
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  • Fucking hell. RIP.

    A man who invented a move that's left me and I presume many of you flat on our arses countless times - whether we were trying to pull it off ourselves, or were defending against it.
  • image A genius is no more ...
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  • Legend.

    Such a shame that kids these days will grow up thinking it's called "The Djimi Traore own goal turn".


  • RIP

    A truly outstanding player in a golden generation.

    He recently sounded optimistic that he was getting the upper hand in his great fight .... so sad.

  • Genuinely saddened by this. Wonderful footballer.

    Cruyff and the Dutch taught me how to think about football.

    Didn't officially win the world cup with the Netherlands but like Hungary before them, in my mind he and they are world cup winners.

    RIP Johan
  • One of my all time favourite players. RIP
  • Saw him as the best player in the world when I was growing up. Pele and Best were too early for me, although obviously knew of them and saw Besty a few times, but Cruyff was at his peak at a time when I was old enough to actually appreciate the pure class that he exuded over everyone else on the pitch. He then went on to become one of the few (only?) truly world class players who made a brilliant manager/coach.

    Sadly, given his smoking habit, no surprise that it was cancer that got him.

    Gave me and many millions a great deal of footballing pleasure. Rest in Peace Johan.
  • Truly sad news RIP
  • He was one of the great players. RIP
  • Very sad news :(
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