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Golden Gordon

Watched this yesterday. Even after 30+ years it still holds up well. Fantastic stuff.
With the current situation at CAFC and with us almost relegated with no clear route for anywhere but further down, it also really struck a chord. I actually felt a bit choked up watching some of it, especially somehow because of his red scarf.
Still, you've got to love Barnestoneworth social club. ;-)


  • It's not the shorts that count....
  • We could do with him at the moment. Providing he don't throw the clock through the window :-)

  • Sofa through the screen?
  • Hagerty F; Hagerty R, Tompkins; Noble, Carrick, Robson; Crapper, Dewhurst, McIntyre, Treadmore, Davitt......... So who should we get signed back up to get us out of this mess??
  • Shorts, you don't need shorts. These are all you need...
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  • Blimey, you did brilliantly finding that @guinnessaddick . Watch it quick everyone, I suspect that link won't last long.
  • Looks like most of the Ripping Yarns are all on youtube
  • Squirrel face should watch this, she may get some idea what it's all about then!

    Absolute classic.
  • I watched this last night....a classic :smiley:
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  • Here's a thought.

    If Squirrel Face is responsible for scoutings and signings she probably hasn't got a scooby about Barnestoneworth United or Haggerty F, or Haggerty R.

    What if we put on social media that we think that these are the type of players we should be signing?

    I can just picture her face when she raises it at one of her so called meetings and tries to dispatch somebody off to watch Golden Gordon. :-)

  • I wonder if when she gets home after a match she smashes up her home shouting 3-0 3 bloody nil :)
  • I wonder if when she gets home after a match she smashes up her home shouting 3-0 3 bloody nil :)

    Of course not. She has enjoyed her matchday experience wandering around with her guards, drinking in the boardroom and trying to remember the name of our Premier League stars of tomorrow. Shame about the result but there's always next week.
  • Gordon Riddick?
  • Gordon Riddick?

    I'll never forget his goal against Norwich in 1969.

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    For a moment I though Gordon brown had got his own radio show playing golden oldies
  • Wright, Curtis, Kinsey, Campbell, Went, Reeves ... ...
  • Gregory,Treacy,Tees,Moore,Peacock.
  • Sub: Keirs or Booth
  • Thoroughly enjoyed watching that again!

    Great find!
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  • On again now on Yesterday
  • I thought this was something to do with Gordon Riddick.
  • LenGlover said:

    On again now on Yesterday

    Let us know when it's on tomorrow.
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