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Seb's Flag

edited February 2016 in General Charlton
Just read on Twitter that Seb Lewis has had his flag taken from him by Stewards!!!

Seriously???? Is this a fact??


  • Looks like they are playing hard ball about the banner protest.

    It's going to be difficult for supporters to think more of the regime if this is the case...
  • The media should have a field day with this.
  • There is s flag still hanging thr opposite side of the lower North.
  • Good way to get fans onboard. We have some right fucking muppets running our club.
  • So petty.

    Need a protest where everyone brings a banner of sorts, even if it is just a sheet of A4 paper on it, and everyone hold it up at the same time.

    It doesn't even matter what the banner says, it could say "come on charlton" and be positive about the players....

    "I love Fanni" on a bedsheet would look perfect.

  • Speaking from afar in Brasil, I reckon things could get out of hand today.

    Now for an ice cream and a cold juice, have a nap and charge my phone in preparation for reading of events between 3-6.
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    Did anyone actually see it happen? I've been in crossbars for the last 45 minutes at the window and saw nothing but to be fair I wasn't looking out for his flag.
  • The person who reported it on Twitter said they watched the flag being taken away.
  • Several on Twitter saying it. Ludicrous if true.
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  • @JimmyStone_ @CharltonCARD They've really shot themselves in the foot. Just spoke to Seb. He even has a fire cert for it but not permission

    — John O'Sullivan (@CAFCJohn) February 6, 2016
  • As if he's needed permission for all the years he's brought it.
  • The media should have a field day with this.

    I.e, News Shopper.
    Nobody really cares that much, except us.
    What ever did happen to pitch-invasion Blackpool?
  • Just seen the usual thuggish stewards are now all wearing fire steward high visibility jackets. That looks like that is going to be their ploy today - pathetic
  • Redskin said:

    The media should have a field day with this.

    I.e, News Shopper.
    Nobody really cares that much, except us.
    Where have you been for the past few weeks?
  • So having run a puff piece about him on the website a few weeks back, today rhey've consfiscated his flag?
  • This could get messy...
  • Get a "give seb his flag back" chant going
  • Give Seb his flag back
    Is all i can here inside my head right now.
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  • Stewards searching everyone wearing coats for flags. Making you unzip etc
  • Will they keep doing it as it approaches kick off?

    It must be slowing down people entering the ground, and you'd have to wonder about the police view in terms of safety.
  • Tell them to fuck off
  • He's been told he needs written permission from the club
  • the valley is becoming a police state. We have a right to a peaceful protest.
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